Today’s the final day of the four-day CES®  in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We’ve been taking in all the amazing new technology, as well as an array of gadgets designed to make our lives more efficient, our work more productive, and sometimes just simply more playful.

There’s 2.5 million square feet of floorspace in four primary venues at CES2018.  For reference, that’s over 57 acres.  Or as big as roughly 50 football fields.  It’s virtually impossible to engage with all of the approximately 4,000 vendors.  The typical attendee picks and chooses what’s most relevant to their field, or what’s of most interest.  To help with that, the CES® people publish a 180 page guide – – every day.

My quest was to find the interesting and useful new technology for Ms Career Girl readers.  I admit I’m not sure how well I did, because there were shiny new things in every direction!  That said, in no particular order, here’s some highlights of the last few days.

CES® Highlights

Language Interpreter by IFlyTek

As the largest trading partner with the U.S., and as a major tourist destination, China has a place in the travel plans for many of us.  But, very few of us speak Chinese.  That problem has been solved with a translator that fits in your pocket and translates between Chinese and English, Japanese, Korean, French, or Spanish.

The pronunciation is nearly perfect, and the speed and ease of use is nothing short of amazing. If you’ve got a trip planned to China, this little jewel is a must have!

Cell Signal Booster by Smoothtalker

I live in a rural area, so I frequently have signal issues even at home.  But who hasn’t been on the road and struggled to have a conversation when your signal is bouncing between one and two bars?

Smoothtalker has solutions for business, home, and vehicle use.  Think of it as a turbocharger for your smartphone.  So while everyone else is saying “can you hear me now,” you’re having a pleasant and confident conversation.

Pancake Lovers, Unite!  PancakeBot by Dash

OMG!  Do you love pancakes as much as I do?  And you’re a technology nerd? Then your dream kitchen appliance has arrived!

This very creative marriage of 3-D printing technology with  . . . wait for it . . . a griddle means you can create pancakes in the form of whatever image is on your connected device.  Imagine the possibilities for kids, birthdays, or starting a day alone with that someone special (wink!).

You have to see this to believe it, so check out the YouTube video of their Kickstarter campaign.

Silent Beacon Personal Safety Device

Whether it’s for your aging parents or to keep tabs on a child, you may have been considering some kind of personal safety device.  You’ve probably also noticed that virtually all of the options out there come with a monthly subscription fee of $20 to $30.  In today’s connected world, I’ve found that annoyingly out of line.

Silent Beacon has a better alternative.   It’s connected and run through your phone, and can be customized with your own contacts, text messages, and more.  Super affordable, two-way communications, no monthly fee, and easy to carry, this one is definitely worth a look.

CUJO AI Internet Security

You know all those wonderful connected devices you’ve been adding around the house?  Every one of them is a potential security vulnerability.  So no matter what internet security software you’re running, there’s a growing number of back doors that are being left unattended if not altogether unlocked.

CUJO AI solves the issue of security around the internet of things.  Plus, it adds full parental controls, and blocks malicious sites and hacks.  This is the best internet security solution I’ve seen for home use.  If you’re going to dive into or continue into the shark-infested waters of IOT, it’s a must-have.

Entry Security by SecuRam

Having had some experience in the home construction industry in the past, I’m always intrigued by new hardware.  And if you’re in need of a high-security entry device for your home, this is the best I’ve ever seen.

Access is by finger vein ID, which is accomplished by inserting the finger into a reader.  It doesn’t use the print.  The read is of the vascular pattern just below the epidermal layer of the skin.  So it’s highly secure and virtually impossible to fake.

But Wait!  There’s More!

With over 4,000 exhibitors and too many products and innovations to count, I’m sure I missed many.  But the message of CES® is clear:  now more than ever, it’s essential to keep up with how our world is changing.   If you haven’t already, it’s time to add a news feed to your daily reads that includes news on new and developing technology.  Don’t just be ready for the future – be part of it!




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