Choosing The Best Female-Friendly Razor

female-friendly razor

For most women, choosing the right razor can be a hassle, especially because most of the advertised razors are for males. But that doesn’t mean that you should use just any razor that you come across. Choosing the right razor may boil down to your skin sensitivity, the quality of the razor, its functionality, price and your ability to purchase refill cartridges. It may come as a surprise that there are several razors to choose from. Below are surefire tips on how you can choose the best female-friendly razor for your variety of needs.

Control on hard to reach areas

Some areas can be hard to reach when shaving especially if they are curved as you can easily cut yourself when shaving such areas. For instance, knees can be tricky to shave, as well as armpits and the area behind the knees. When choosing a razor, you want to choose one that gives you total control over these areas without cutting or hurting yourself. The razor should also provide a smooth, clean shave that does not pull at the hair follicle, which could create razor burn. Also, a razor that can easily contour over curved and other tricky areas without causing skin irritation is something that you need to keep in mind while making your selection.

Limited use

There are other razors made for limited use only. With these razors, you can get up to 10 shaves before replacing them. Also, there are usually 5 blades and as soon as you are done with the razor you dispose of the whole of the razor in the garbage can. This is convenient if you do not want to worry about purchasing refills. Perhaps you travel often or you are too busy to go to the store for refill cartridges, investing in disposable razors is a good option for you to consider. You can easily find disposable razors with a small handle that can conveniently fit in your grooming bag for a quick trip across the globe.

Sensitive skin

When you have sensitive skin, you want to choose a razor that is gentle, and will prevent burns, rashes, irritation, and ingrown hairs from forming. The more blades there are on a razor, the better the results. A blade with up to 5 razors is great if you have sensitive skin because it will cut the hair at the surface in one pass and this reduces the chances of skin irritation. It is best practice to invest in a safety razor for women that is dermatologist-tested for sensitive skin for optimal results. Shaving with a razor when you have sensitive skin can be tricky, but with the right razor you can live your life without irritation due to your grooming habits.

Refillable blade cartridges

Sometimes you want to try out a new razor to see if it works out for you or not. A refillable cartridge would work the best if you want to try out different types of razors. All you need to do is purchase a quality refillable cartridge then test out your options. Just make sure to test on a patch of skin before shaving the whole area to ensure that it will work for you. This way, if the razor reacts badly, the effect is on a small patch on the skin as opposed to an entire area.

What’s more, you can choose the blade cartridge with the number of razors you wish to use, so whether you want two, three, or five, the options are available no matter what area on your body you want to shave. Finally, it is important that you ensure the disposal of the cartridge once it rusts, becomes dull, or has exhausted its usage.