How to Continue Exercising on Holiday

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The summer is fast approaching, and for some, this means it is time to get in shape, tone their stomach, arms and legs, so they can look their best when abroad. Of course, getting in shape is a difficult feat, with no quick remedy. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and perseverance, but what happens if you simply do not have the time? Don’t fret, as there are many workout routines which cater to those busy with work or children, so make sure to read this 21 day fix review which offers both a workout routine and nutrition plan. This 21 day fix review helps you strive towards your summer goal at a fast-pace, so even the most time stuck-for-time individuals can see results before their big summer break.

Once we’re abroad, all control seems to fly out the window. The best part of a holiday is the ability to indulge. However, all those months or weeks of preparation could diminish in the space of a week or two. Some may be okay with this, but if you wish to keep your newfound weight, exercise on holiday is a must. Therefore, the below tips can help you continue exercising and eating well when holidaying, without feeling as if you are limiting yourself.

Keep Up the Cardio

Cardio is the easiest of routines to keep in check when away. Even if you prefer the gym and usually run on a treadmill, you can easily transfer those skills onto the city streets or beachfronts. All you have to do is talk to the receptionist of a hotel or other trusted locals about the safest places to enjoy your run. Additionally, some hotels will offer the chance to hire a bicycle which is also a great way to see cities such as Rome or Amsterdam.

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Swimming is also a great and easy form of cardio to administer into your holiday workout. Most hotels come with swimming pools, and sometimes hotels will run classes such as aqua aerobics, so make sure to enquire at the front desk. If your hotel does not have a pool, then consider the sea instead. However, remember to stay safe.

Strength Building

If you’re staying somewhere that does not have a gym, you can always workout in your hotel room, around the pool or any other open space which is safe. Although people have become dependent on weight machines, traditional exercise routines such as press ups, pull ups, tricep dips, squats and ab crunches are timeless exercise classics. To maximize these strength workouts, make sure to start with some cardio to raise the heartbeat. This ensures you will burn off more calories and increases your afterburn.

Mindful Nutrition

On holiday, the thought of calories usually flies out the window. Although being on holiday should mean eating whatever you please, whenever you wish to, it is safe to stay mindful of your diet. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to the salad or refrain from chocolate, but avoiding sugary drinks and limiting your carb intake while upping your fruit and vegetable count is always smart. Not only does this keep off the pounds, but it is healthier for your mental health as much as it is for your physical.


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