Creating Income With a Side Hustle

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Are you looking for side hustle options that can produce a reliable bit of extra income?  If that’s the case, it likely means that your “day job” either –

  • Doesn’t have a future.
  • Has little potential for providing financial security.
  • Simply isn’t satisfying.

Why Do A Side Hustle?

Most people who start and grow a side hustle do so for the extra income.  That’s not always the case, but if that describes you, it’s important you examine your motivations and needs.

Surely, you don’t want to simply increase the frequency and number of work characteristics you don’t like. So you’ll want to create something that might include some or all of the following:

  • Lower stress.
  • Dependable cash flow.
  • Flexible to your changing needs.

That might sound like the elusive dream job.  And in a way, it is.  But it’s not an elusive side hustle.  There are several kinds of side hustles that have those benefits, including some you may not have considered.  Here’s a couple you shouldn’t dismiss out of hand.

Getting Paid For Surveys

Yes, it’s actually a legitimate option.  Marketing research firms pay for consumers to take surveys, or perhaps be part of focus groups, to gain insights into product development, advertising, and placement.  One of the top rated companies that has this option is Swagbucks.  Why?  Because it offers some of the higher payout opportunities, and has a wide variety of survey options, or you can watch videos, shop, discover deals, or even play games.

While there are a lot of survey sites out there, many are less reputable.   If doing surveys sounds of interest, I’d suggest using Swagbucks as your standard.

Editing and Proofreading

Every minute of every day, there are roughly 400 new websites launched on the internet.  That’s a lot of written material!  With all that volume, there’s an increasing demand for editorial and proofreading help.  As of this writing, job site Indeed listed almost 1,800 openings in this area.  Many are part time or one-off jobs.

If reading is your thing, this may be a good side hustle option to consider.

Side Hustle Income Expectations

Just as in any other venture, you shouldn’t expect to get rich overnight from your new side hustle.  In fact, it’s important to evaluate your own motivations for considering side hustles as a way to increase your income.

Do you need/want money now?

If you’ve got a budget crunch and need to create some income pretty quickly, temporary gigs and work that payout reliably and quickly, like those above, are probably best.  You have the freedom to pick these up, and put them down, as your time and budget allow.

Are you in it for the long term?

If you’re more of the entrepreneurial type and have dreams of creating something really big, be prepared for a period of austerity, or even starvation, up front.   But it’s quite possible to begin in your garage what ultimately becomes a household name.   Just read the history of Microsoft and Apple.

Does the money always matter?

Absolutely not!  Maybe your reason for doing a side hustle isn’t about the money.  Maybe it’s just about doing something more constructive that watching television.  So the money might be just a nice extra, or not required at all.  This would also be the case if your “side hustle” is more about simply following your passions.  Have artistic talent?  Go for it.  There’s a ton of ways to use all kinds of artistic talent in a side hustle.  Check out this video from Entrepreneur for some tips!

#Sidehustle Results

One of the great things about a side hustle, or any kind of self employment, is that you own 100% of the results of your efforts.  So whether it’s for a boost to your income, exploring your passions, or building the next big thing, the results you get will be commensurate with the efforts and determination you put it.  Get your side hustle on!

Jackie LaMar

Beach lover. SoCal dweller. Life is never over unless you surrender. Keep going, the prize IS out there.

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