Dating Tips For Today’s Real World


Dating today is much different than it has ever been in the past. With the advancement of technology and ever-evolving social norms and behaviors, it’s not surprising that the way people choose their potential mate can’t remain static. 

Decades ago, it was fairly commonplace to take people at their word and possibly be more trusting. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find yourself looking into another’s background while trying to consider if you should get involved. Knowledge is power, and knowing the type of person you may be dealing with based on their prior actions is not unheard of. 

Before you start to think that doing a background check on a potential suitor is a bit overzealous and over the top, consider why you would contemplate doing such a thing. The world can be a scary place; not everyone has your best interests at heart. Looking out for your mental and emotional well being is just as important as your physical health.

Making decisions that affect any aspect of your well being should be thought-out and based on researched information, not assumptions.  When you’re considering getting into a relationship, you shouldn’t have to worry about undisclosed surprises.  No one is perfect, but it’s easier to handle challenges when you’re fully informed.  When either of you suspect illnesses, take care of yourself and be fair to your potential partner.  If you’re not sure, get an exam for general concerns.  If you suspect blood sugar issues, get an A1C home test.   Anxiety?  Depression?  Talk about it and decide together how to move forward.

When It All Changed

You may be wondering why the dating scene has changed as much as it has. Some attribute the big online dating presence to Tinder. That single iPhone app quickly became the most popular dating app upon its inception in 2012 and a year later was not only available on Android devices but also nearly 3/4 of all mobile devices worldwide. After Tinder’s huge popularity, several other dating apps began to flood the market. 

This was the beginning of how dating changed. The founders of Tinder stated the notion of the app was born out of their own dissatisfaction with the dating pool and the difficulty of meeting new people by traditional means. Through the use of online dating apps, you can search for other people who are seeking the same thing you are. 

Dating apps have been likened to an Amazon for companionship because it allows you to see what other like-minded people are available and also looking. You can find connections with others from anything as uninvolved as a hookup or (short term physical interactions) to more traditionally minded individuals who are, in fact, seeking long term relationships.

Online dating apps have increased the social networks of single people who are seeking companionship and who may have otherwise not ever met each other.  Not only that, but it has also helped people to connect on a level outside of what they thought they were seeking initially. 

Many people subscribe to a certain type of person that they think they are attracted to or interested in. Sometimes, through virtual interactions and conversation, people find themselves happily engaging someone outside what they thought they were looking for. 

Realistic Expectations

Does online dating work?  As with any venture or journey, it is important to maintain perspective and be realistic. You have to stay objective and allow yourself to see your potential match for who they are.  Do not ignore any red flags that may catch your attention. Regardless of how much you may think you know someone you speak with online, exercise safety when you decide to meet. 

Dating has changed a lot. Use the tips we’ve shared here to help you find your next relationship.


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