Dating When You’re Married To Your Job

Everybody works hard these days, and in a post crisis economy, none of us takes her job for granted. We work hard, we put in the effort, and we go the extra mile in the pursuit of getting noticed by the Kingmakers (or should that be Queenmakers) on the top floor. The world of work is a scramble today with many of us working harder and longer than ever. 

But for the conscientious career girl it can feel like there’s that extra element of pressure. You’re flying the flag for female empowerment in the workplace, after all and as well as doing your job with aplomb.  You feel like you have to bear some responsibility to all the women and girls trying to make it behind you.

With this kind of hectic work schedule, you could be forgiven for thinking that you have no business in the dating game. You’re married to your job and your career and it would be sacrilege to contemplate any kind of happiness outside of the realm of work. However, even if you’ve been out of the game for a while now, and even if you’re no longer sweating single, you owe it to yourself to find some pleasure in human companionship. Although its notoriously difficult for career women to find love, that’s absolutely no reason to settle for loneliness… or to settle for less than you deserve in a significant other.

Digital dating: Dip your toe in those scary waters

In the digital age there are more avenues than ever to pursue love, companionship or just casual flirtation on your own terms. From chatlines to dating sites to apps the modern world has so many means to meet single people in your area that it can be difficult to know where to begin. If you haven’t tried dating apps in the past you likely know someone who has. They will likely have either told you that you can meet the right someone if you’re patient or that all dating apps are chock-a-block with idiots.

Go in with an open mind. While there certainly are some who feel that the pseudo-anonymity of dating apps entitles them to be an aggressively misogynist man child there are just as many decent guys on there who, like yourself, want to get into the realm of dating but just don’t have time. If you don’t want to be deluged with unsolicited messages from guys you might get on well with Bumble as it only enables women to make the first move.

Workplace romance… It might not actually be a terrible idea

If it worked for Pam and Jim, it can work for you too. Although it may come with some administrative baggage, workplace relationships aren’t always a terrible idea. Dating someone at work means that you don’t have to explain yourself nor does dating become a lucky dip in which you could end up with a lovely guy or a complete sociopath.

The only trouble is that you will have less mystique with your date and if it doesn’t go all that well it may lead to Monday morning awkwardness.