Dear 20-Somethings: Stop Saying You’re Old!

I consider myself to be a very calm, cool, and collected person.  I have a few pet peeves that drive me insane, yes.  But there is one in particular that grinds my gears like no other: I absolutely HATE it when a 20-something year old says that they are old. Why? Because they graduated college and now have a job.  Because they work 9-5.  Because they don’t go out as often as they used to.  Because they now have more responsibilities.  Because they don’t go crazy and party it up every Thursday-Sunday night.  Because they now do “old people” things like read books, stay in on weekends, and go to sleep at 9am.

NEWSFLASH: You are NOT old.  In the grand scope of things, you are actually young (yes, really).

I remember having a conversation with someone who was 24 years old.  Her 25th birthday was coming up and I asked her what her plans were.

“I’m going to dig a whole in my room and cry.”


“Because I’m turning 25.”


“I’M SO OLD!!!!!”

Here’s another example.  My boyfriend, Clint, is turning 26 this Saturday.  Every time I ask him if he’s excited to turn 26, he gives me a cold glare and tells me not to remind him.  Why? Because to him, 26 is considered old.

Since when did being in your 20’s considered to be old? Is 25 the new 95?







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So, my fellow 20-somethings, here is what I have to say: You have GOT to stop saying that you are “old”.  You have GOT to rid yourself of the mentality that life gets less exciting as the years roll by.  And, most importantly, you have GOT to stop thinking that getting older is a negative thing.

Sure, you aren’t attending the most epic party of your life every weekend anymore.  You’re not waking up whenever you please anymore. You’re not taking exciting vacations every Spring Break any more.  You’re not spending 90% of your time having fun with your BFFs anymore.

The good news is there is way more to life than that.  There is much more excitement, more happiness, and more knowledge that comes with age.

Just think of the many wonderful things that lie ahead:  Mentoring someone who is younger and watching them succeed.  Making a name for yourself in whatever industry you’re in.  Marrying the love of your life.  Being promoted.  Starting a family.   Being more confident in yourself.  Being wiser than you were 5 years ago.  Achieving your big goals.  Creating knowledge instead of consuming it.  Having a better sense of yourself.

Doesn’t all of that sound amazing?

So instead of complaining about the fact that another year of your life has passed, celebrate it.  Embrace it.  Never forget that there will be many people who will never be able to experience growing up. Getting older is a privilege that is denied to many.

You are not old.  You are simply moving into a different stage of life.  Take advantage of this exciting time in your life and don’t waste a second of it complaining.

“…it just gets better and better as the years roll on.” -Steve Jobs 

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