Destination Weddings in Thailand

So you’ve finally met the right person, and the two of you are ready to take the plunge, tie the note, or do another cliche phrase that means “to get married.” But getting married is expensive. Some estimates put average weddings at over $50,000!

When you’ve worked hard to build your savings and you still want enough to start your new lives together, there’s a lot at stake here. It’s no wonder so many people are finding ways to cut corners and expenses. One simple way to do this is by combining your honeymoon and wedding together with a destination wedding.

Besides being fun and romantic, destination weddings also help keep your guest list small, thus keeping the event mostly drama-free. Also, if you start the marriage with an adventure, you set the tone for the rest of your relationship. Not a bad way to begin.

Because of the Far Eastern flavor and the fact that they tend to save the bride and groom money, destination weddings in Thailand are becoming increasingly popular.

Most five-star resorts in Bangkok or Phuket will charge between $2000-$3000 for the venue, decorations, ceremony, and just about all you need, besides food.

Most of these decisions can be done by yourself or by the resort, saving you money on a wedding planner. The resorts also can take care of all the paperwork needed to make sure your wedding is legit. You don’t want to spend all that money and then find out back home you never got officially married!


Getting there will also be less expensive and easier if you go through a reliable travel site like Travelbag’s, you just have to choose where to go! Part of the reason destination weddings in Thailand are so popular is that there are so many options with their own unique flavor.

For example, Laguna Phuket offers a small chapel on stilts above the open water. Or the outdoor wedding venue of Katathani Beach Resort, which offers you a built in ring bearer – who just happens to be a BABY ELEPHANT. Cutest. Wedding photos. Ever.

Destination weddings are great ways to keep costs down and keep the excitement levels high, and they also ensure that only the people closest to you – the ones who really matter – are the ones who make the trek. This is your day, after all. Spend it with the people you treasure in a way they’ll never forget.