Dispersing Female Career Myths

In many careers and occupational fields there can often be significant barriers that women have to attempt to overcome. There are also plenty of myths surrounding career minded women, most of which more commonly tend to revolve around men in the workplace. We take a look at just some of these career myths and try to dispel their irrational origins.

There is a common belief that women who do not have children are more productive than working mothers. It is of course a particularly and quite unfair belief with absolutely no grounds of evidence whatsoever. The idea that working mothers would under perform in the workplace comes from the perception that the career minded mother would often be distracted from her professional life by her motherly responsibilities. Resulting in missed work time, tiredness and fatigue from child care as well as another number of aspects. However, according to researchers at the University of Zurich they have discovered that those with children actually perform even stronger than their child-less co-workers. In fact mothers who have two or even more children perform even better than those with a single child.

The age old adage that “men are better than women” is very much an antiquated statement. There’s nothing evidential to really support it and women from all over the world now find themselves in powerful roles and working in jobs that quite frankly just a few decades ago would have seemed ridiculous. From pilots and engineers to machinists and truck drivers women now have a huge scope of occupational opportunities and they’re more than happy to step in to any roles traditionally filled by that of men.

There has also been a strong rise in the number of women involved in the world of professional poker. You just have to take a look at female pros such as the 30-year old Vanessa Selbst, who is the only female to win three World Series of Poker bracelets. As well as British female star Liv Boeree (AKA the Iron Maiden). And now they can even get in some extra training on platforms much like the mobile games by Royal Vegas.

It just goes to show you that women can have equal if not better success than that of their male counterparts. Whether its poker or in any industry the ladies are certainly doing it for themselves.