Do Men And Women Negotiate Differently? New Global Research Suggests The Answer

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The Gap Partnership believes that the success of negotiations depends on a negotiator’s ability to understand other parties and that this is what you have to do with them to negotiate successfully. But if gender influences the behaviour of others, how can we better understand it? Do we experience conscious or unconscious prejudice towards each other, especially with regard to gender?

For over 20 years, the Gap Partnership has supported its clients in complex negotiations and is often asked whether gender plays a role. Many customers have said anecdotally that they believe there is a difference in the way the sexes negotiate.

There is no scientific study to conclude whether this is true, but in December 2019, the Gap Partnership conducted a global research study on gender and negotiation. From 1213 respondents and additional qualitative interviews, experts, men and women from all over the world, shared their thoughts and opinions on the role of gender in negotiations.

The Gap Partnership hosted a webinar in which they shared the results of global gender research, including data highlighting the impact of men and women on negotiations. Esther Shearwood and Diana Jusepeitis moderated the event and offered practical gifts to the participants, including practical tips and tricks for successful negotiations that can be implemented immediately. The results showed that gender differences can help professionals to adapt their own behaviour and anticipate their counterparts in order to achieve better agreements.

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