How to Dress For Work and Play

dress for work or play

When shifting from work to play, this season’s great styles provide a smooth and seamless transition.

Smart (and comfortable) separates are perfect for every wonder woman who’s constantly on the go. The following trendy pieces and beauty tips can simplify your life… so let’s take a look at some of the basics that help you dress for work or play, shall we?

A Shirtdress in White or Cream:

A classic shirtdress is ideal for every career girl who likes to kickback after hours. Worn with a lightweight jacket or sweater, the look is professional and lively. After work, throw on some sandals, untie your hair, and relax.

Knit Tunic Dress

Versatile and work friendly, this fashion staple can be dressed up or down, or combined with a lightweight top or blouse. The right accessories will carry you through the hours… allowing you to change your ensemble with a lovely statement necklaces, like the gorgeous pendants found online at Michael Hill, a colourful scarf, charms, or bracelets.

 Basic Black Dress

Always professional, a basic black dress is another essential that takes you from office to nightclub. Layer it over a silk blouse, or toss a cashier shawl over your shoulders. Add a mini-bag and some hoop earrings.

Casual Sweaters and Classic Cropped Jacket

Both sweaters and cropped jackets transition easily throughout the day. A lightweight crop-cut jacket is versatile and trendy. Worn collarless, in a solid or two-tone fabric, a jacket or sweater looks terrific with this season’s crop pants and feminine pleated skirts. Wear a flowing skirt and sculpted top out into the night… just spritz on some perfume, step into your favourite heals, and add some stunning jewellery.

A Leopard/Patterned Print Coat

A leopard or geometric, patterned coat provides an inspired (and inspiring) transitional piece. You’ll be ready to step from day to night simply by adding a silky scarf and/or pulling on your strappy mules, and prepared for whatever the weather may bring!

Makeup and Hair

The sure-fire way to make a carefree transition from work to play is with the right makeup. Splash some water on your face then smooth on your foundation. Use eyeliner around your eyes, than brush on dazzling shadow. The most subtle shades of shadow… smoky and shimmering… create a stunning contrast when combined with red lipstick… exotic and intoxicating! Dust a light layer of smoky shadow over the lids to hide any dark circles. Smooth a softer shade of shadow below the brows, one just slightly lighter than your hair colour. Leave mascara off the lower eyelashes and create a casual evening look. Remember, one of the easiest ways to transition from work to play is by changing your hairstyle.

In the morning before work, twist your freshly washed (slightly damp) hair into a tight ponytail, braid, or chignon. After hours, release your locks and allow them to fall into sensual waves. Tie a ribbon around your hair, add a jewel studded clip, or go natural… and make a strikingly casual move into the night!

So there you go! Try our effortless looks for going from deadlines to drinks, and let us know how it worked out! Spray on some perfume and top your look with an air of self confidence and you are ready to go. Do you have any other after work fashion ideas? Let us know!

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