Why New Businesses Should Invest in Branded Promotional Items

Starting a side hustle or a business? Here’s a tip: Despite the world is going digital, there’s absolutely nothing that turns people’s heads other than the word – FREEBIES!

Don’t lie. I know you’ve gone “ooh” a few times over getting promotional merchandise in a trade show, product launch, convention, or a business conference. Branded items catch attention and intrigue better than business cards. Big or small, new businesses should look into the idea of using business promotional items or merchandise to really get their name out and increase brand awareness among their networks and markets.

While business cards are a definite must have, branded items serve the same purpose plus more. Here are some reasons why you need to consider getting your new business some merchandise:

  1. Brand retention – Above simply being a reference for your information, it is a gesture. It can be a small token of appreciation or a gentle reminder of your company’s importance to your market. Always put attention to your clients and their interests or needs, no matter if it’s in the small form of giving your client a pen when you ask them to sign something.
  2. Brand impression – It gives your audience a good impression of your company because these items represent you. The more creative and innovative you are, that’s the identity they will connect to your company. It gives your company a personality. You can be practical, witty, or professional based on your merchandising.
  3. Brand Promotion – If the quality the items you give out is good, people will not only use it frequently, they may also pass it on. The reach is direct to your target market and your brand is promoted every time they use it and give it away.

Promotion by branded merchandise does not stop at shirts, keychains,  pens, and mugs. Here are some cool ideas for branded items that you and your clients will love!

  1. Flash Drives – Not only can they use your branded flash drives for their daily digital storage, you can also put your media kit or business profile in it, allowing them to see your business every time they plug it in!
  2. Day Planners – A very practical and special giveaway, you can design the pages so that it includes motivational quotes, special trivia about your company, and many more. Be part of your client’s every day life, and carry your brand every to each meeting when you use it yourself!
  3. Sticky Notes / Note Pads – I don’t know about you, but I love sticky notes. It’s a great way to give a reminder, whether it’s for others or for myself. If you brand something that people can write on and pass around, you brand will reach people who haven’t heard of you.
  4. Travel items – Travel bags, mugs, or pillows are just some of the examples of travel items that you can give to other business owners and managers. As business people, they would be busy travelling around for other clients and suppliers. Give them something they can carry with them, so you can be wherever they are as well!
  5. Stress Ball – Who does not love stress balls!!! This is a particularly great and creative giveaway for a business that can help make a rough day better, like a spa, bar, or even a cupcake store! Think about it. Seeing your name on it will definitely make anyone using it go, “wow, that sounds good right now!”


Definitely a worthwhile investment, don’t you think? What about you? Do you have any ideas for branded items? Share it with us! 

Ms. Career Girl

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