Elizabeth Lambert- A Personal Branding Nightmare!

I happened to catch the news story on former University of New Mexico soccer player, Elizabeth Lambert. If you haven’t already seen the videos or heard about this online, Elizabeth Lambert, 20, was indefinitely suspended from her soccer team for violent behavior on the field.

The video below shows her pushing, tripping and yanking pony tails of her opponents.

Elizabeth Lambert Plays Rough

I couldn’t help but to think how this will affect Elizabeth’s personal brand wherever she goes. She hasn’t even graduated college or settled into a career and she already has to deal with very bad google search results wherever she goes. How would you possibly start to explain this type of behavior in a job interview?! If I were interviewing her, I’d be extremely skeptical because I would assume she would take obstacles in the work place too far and possibly backlash with anger.

I wonder how Elizabeth will move forward with this viral media attack. What would you do? How do you think this will affect her career?

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