Empowering Women in Business: Intercollegiate Business Convention Year 10

The Intercollegiate Business Convention is now on their 10th year and promises an empowering event for any entrepreneurial Career Girl aspiring to make her mark in the global business scene.


One of the reasons I encourage aspiring career girls to attend networking events and conferences is because I believe that the success of one woman inspires the success of another. Going to conferences and networking events allows you to meet other women who can inspire you to follow in their footsteps. This year, the Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business is holding the tenth annual Intercollegiate Business Convention (IBC), and it is not one to miss for young women who are pursuing big dreams in business.


This year’s tenth annual Intercollegiate Business Convention (IBC) will take place on October 18, 2014 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. 

The IBC.x is a gathering of both big minds and bigger ambitions. This year, the event will be having over 1200 registrants and over 100 professionals from a diverse range of industries, all coming together to learn from one another and inspire each other.


The convention is entirely student-run, which guarantees the most crucial and relevant topics to the challenges of being young women trying to make it in the business world today. Its attendees can expect a full day of workshops, networking sessions, and forums that zooms in on the emerging trends and sage advice of trailblazers who have made it big in their industries. The three key note speakers of the event are the following:

Lyndsey Scott – Model, Actress, and App Developer. Catapulted into the international world of high fashion after becoming the first African-American model to be awarded an exclusive contract with Calvin Klein. A rising app developer programming iOS apps, several of which are currently available in the Apple app store.

Maureen Chiquet – Chanel’s first ever Global CEO, and an established name in the fashion and beauty industry. Recognized among Fortune’s “International Power 50,”Forbes’ “100 Most Powerful Women,” The Wall Street Journal’s “50 Women to Watch” and Glamour Magazine’s “Women of the Year.”

Jill Abramson – Mentor, author, and journalist who spent the last 17 years in the most senior editorial positions at The New York Times, where she was the first woman to serve as Washington Bureau Chief, Managing Editor and Executive Editor. Ranked number five on Forbes list of most powerful women in 2012 and was also named as one of the 500 most powerful people in the world by Foreign Policy.

For more about the IBC.x keynote speakers and activities, click here.


Making the extra effort to develop your skills and get applicable advice now will pay dividends throughout your own career girl journey. If you are looking for that motivational push or need information on how to get started towards achieving a thriving career in business, the IBC.x is a good place to start.


To learn more you can visit their website at http://ibc.huwib.org/. You can also click here to register.


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