Energize Up! Tricks to Boost Your Energy During the Day.

We all have those days. It’s barely 11:00 and you can’t keep your eyes open at your desk. Your computer turns into a blurry mess, and you painfully begin to count down the minutes until closing time. Coffee just is cutting it.

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I’ve been there. I’ve had those days where I wish I could leave my computer and not come back. Unfortunately, the reality of work is that it is, well, work, and there are tasks that have to get done, even if I don’t have the energy for them.

Working from home, being by myself for large portions of the day, can definitely be an energy suck in itself some days. I’ve come up with a few tricks that help reenergize me and keep me going throughout the day. Take these to the office – I promise they’ll work there, too!

Take a break.

While standing desks are the new thing, we don’t all have them. Sitting for long periods of time can be bad for your body and for productivity. Take 2 or 3 minutes every 20-30 minutes and give your eyes a break from the screen. Clear your head from your project. Get up and look out the window. Changing your focus, even just for a couple minutes, can be refreshing.

Have a snack.

Have some snacks stashed at work that are high in protein and natural sugars. 100-200 calories is a good range for a pick-me-up. Natural sugars take longer for the body to process than the sugars found in candy, and they’re healthier for you anyway. Try an apple or banana with a spoonful of peanut butter, or yogurt with fruit or granola.


If you work from home or have a gym at the office, take a half-hour and go for a walk, hit the treadmill, or lift a little. Exercising increases your heart rate and blood flow, and has been shown to energize.

Go outside.

Even just sitting outside for 10-20 minutes is enough to give you an energy boost. Get out of the stuffy office and let yourself breathe!

Drink more water.

Being thirsty can cause you to feel more fatigued. If you’re finding yourself with a loss of energy during the day, drinking a cool glass of water might be the best solution.

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Alissa M. Trumbull

Alissa M. Trumbull recently co-founded #BizGalz, a Twitter chat starting in September 2015 geared for women in all stages of life and career. She is also one-half of the Social Outlaws, a new blog dedicated to the areas of social media and social business. Passionate about business ethics, Alissa seeks opportunities to strengthen individuals and organizations through the application of best practices and human understanding. She is also a graphic designer, voracious reader, and fitness enthusiast. Always remember that the more love you pour into the world, the greater your reward. Don't be afraid to risk for what's important!