Favorable Job Market for Recent Grads?

Check out this post (written by Penelope Trunk, founder of Brazen Careerist) which explains why there are plenty of jobs out there for young people.   Trunk claims that the job shortage pertains to the older generation, not young talent.

This is the first time in a long time that I’ve heard something positive in the media about the Gen Y job market.  I have a handful of friends who have been laid off recently so I found this article surprising.

As the baby boomers retire, there will be a large need for experienced talent in Corporate America.  Does this mean that comapnies will hire less experienced workers to do their jobs?

Perhaps companies who are cutting costs will hire younger employees which, in effect, gives us twentysomethings the opportunity to get corporate experience we may not have had the chance to get in a thriving marketplace.

Ms. Career Girl

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