Feeling Unmotivated? Four Tips to Change That!

Have you noticed your productivity at work dwindling? Maybe you are constantly checking your phone or talking to your colleagues about anything and everything? You just can’t seem to focus on the tasks that you should be working on and you don’t know why. Feeling unmotivated at work is a common problem, but you can fix it with one of the suggestions below.

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Create a task list

Maybe you are feeling unmotivated because you feel like you are working hard but getting nothing done? Before you open your email, try creating a task list of everything that you want to accomplish for the day. Then prioritize that list and get started on the most important task. You can scan your email for emergency or time sensitive items to get them done. Outside of something you deem unable to wait, don’t start working on anything that isn’t on your task list.

Often we get in the trap of starting with other people’s priorities before our own. Get all the items finished on your task list and you will feel a sense of accomplishment for the day. This will likely help your motivation each day, knowing you are getting the most important items done each day.

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Try exercise

Exercise is not only good for your heart and your waistline, it has been proven to get your mind engaged as well. Have you noticed almost every story you read about successful people’s routines includes some sort of exercise? Find a way to fit some exercise into your routine.

If you have been super stressed at work, yoga or running/walking are great options and inexpensive to get started. Check out SparkPeople for tons of free articles and videos on workouts you can do from home. Stop feeling unmotivated by incorporating some sort of regular exercise in your week.

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Sign up for something new

Perhaps you are bored with your day to day responsibilities and you need some new tasks to mix things up. To stop feeling unmotivated, try raising you hand for a new project in the department. Not only will this add some variety to your work day, it will help you create new relationships with people in the department that you may not normally have a chance to work with.

Working on projects also show that you are willing to go above an beyond your current job responsibilities. That can go a long way to help you stand out from your peers if you are striving for a promotion or raise.


Maybe it is time for an altogether new role? If you have tried to get motivated by several different factors and you still find yourself unable to get motivated, it may be time for you to start looking.

If you like your company, talk to your manager about upcoming opportunities. There may even be a job with more responsibility at a higher level. If you reflect and decide part of your lack of current motivation is due to the company, start looking externally. Focus on what qualities you want in a new employer that your company does not offer so that you don’t end up in a similar situation.

Feeling unmotivated at work is very commonplace, so don’t feel bad if you are currently in this mindset. You can snap it and feel productive again, but you need to take action. Try one of the tips in this article to get back in your groove!


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Erin Moody

Human Resources professional with experience in recruiting, hiring, and performance management. Also founded Career Designs to coach young professionals on how to realize and obtain their dream job.

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