Finding a Good Fit: Ann Inc.’s Principle in Fashion and Careers

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A job is not just a job. It is a very big part of your life. Make sure you are not settling, and that you find yourself a good fit.


When job hunting, many people tend to forget that they should be screening the employer as much as the employer is screening them. If you take on a job that pays but does not have an environment that will help you find fulfillment as a person, you will end up losing the job or losing your mind sooner or later.


So where do you find a job that has a good chance of making you happy in the long run? I say look into the companies that you already love. If you are interested in the fashion business, one which I particularly recommend is ANN INC., the corporate head of products such as Ann Taylor, LOFT, and Lou&Grey retailers. Ann Taylor has been a fashion classic and a fashion institution, so you can be guaranteed many opportunities for growth and learning for aspiring Career Girls. Their job opportunities include both store and corporate careers, and even offer internships.


While they are a promising company that offers a lot to the job searcher, what really set ANN INC. apart is their principle in both fashion and careers:


“FIT” IS MORE THAN WHAT LOOKS GOOD. It needs to feel good, too. Fit is understanding what makes a woman tick: her multi-layered, inner fire and natural desire to share her best self.


I think this is a powerful statement for a company, and that it truly understands what a Career Girl should see in her future employer. If you are a fresh grad or a job hunter looking for a company to be part of, you want to not just find a job but to find a good fit, one that integrates into your life easily. Finding an employer that can help motivate and inspire you to reach your goals and build your career is more important than getting just whatever pops up, and I’ll tell you why.


When I was fresh out of college, all that I wanted was to get started with my life as a grown up. All that mattered was to get into a power suit and earn money. However, because I settled for jobs that weren’t a good fit to my personality or my skills, I ended up miserable and falling out of the job anyway.



ANN INC. is a company that gets women and supports and celebrates the richness of women’s full, multi- dimensional lives. As a part of Ms. Career Girl, I admire companies who does not just empower women but also upholds their beliefs. Ann Taylor is the same “by women for women” kind of company, which makes it an ideal place for any girl to start her career. The experts seem to agree! ANN INC. is the only fashion brand that has won the Gallup Great Workplace Award, an award that recognizes organizations that have upheld excellence in the workplace.


So when job hunting, try to find a good fit.  Visit to find a job that’s right for you. You can also follow ANN INC. on Facebook and Twitter to find out about their newest opportunities, and their Instagram account to get a feel for how their company empowers Career Girls.

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Best of luck on your job hunt!
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ANN INC. for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


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