Finding Balance: 4 Ways I Reign It Back In

I get it. You’re busy. I’m busy. We’re all, really busy.

With a day job at an amazing integrated marketing shop here in Chicago and an any other time of the day and all waking hours job as the founder and owner of my company Yours Not Hers, and freelance fashion writer, Busy might as well be my middle name.

Not to mention that new husband, and an energy filled, totally adorable puppy named Mac. Oh yea, and my friends and family, I almost forgot the people who have supported me all along the way.

And let’s not forget my social life. Come on people, I’m human.

To be busy makes me feel invigorated. Purposeful and proud. But in that same breath I find myself feeling more and more exhausted, run down and diving into sweatpants and a worn in intramural volleyball t-shirt as soon as the “days” work is done.

So what’s a busy girl like you – and the rest of us to do – when we’re feeling just a bit down and out about being head down, and tired out?

Here are just a few of the things that help me cope.

1. Beware Decision Fatigue

It’s called decision fatigue, and you’ve got it. Some fancy study years ago confirmed the point I’ve been thinking for years. Every day we’re faced with so many choices and decisions that we have to make. And I get it, I’m a repeat offender – a total control freak that can’t help myself. But alas, I’ve started to learn to shut it off. No decision, no over-thinking it. A go with your gut approach that won’t allow you to put your brain into crazy, psycho, overdrive.

2. Build a Better To-Do List
Give me a pen, a Sharpie, heck give me anything that can leave a mark, and I’ll write a to-do list – on something. I’ve got a list on my laptop, a list in a binder, I’ve got a series of multi-color post it notes stuck to every surface of my desk. However you do it, here’s a tip. Make it actionable. For me, it’s not about launching a new silhouette for my line Yours Not Hers, it’s first sketching the silhouette, then researching fabrics, finding trims and looking for new producers. All of these smaller items get me to my end goal – which is way more daunting and intimidating. An actionable list doesn’t lighten the workload, but at least it clears your mind and creates a series of “mini-wins” for the day. I mean let’s be honest – there are few things in life better than crossing an item off your list. Now if I can just work on combining my lists, I’ll put that on tomorrow’s to do’s.

3. Set an Intention
This one’s an easy one, and one of my favorites. This is beyond setting a goal for me. This is somewhat of an internal bar or challenge that I sent for myself. Whether it’s staying head down until something on my to do list gets done, learning something new about my industry that I didn’t before or maybe shedding a bit of brilliance upon my new and wonderful intern – each day I challenge myself to do something to help better myself and my brand. Whatever the intention I choose, for some reason or another it provides me with a new perspective on the day at hand or the task in front of me.

4. Avoid Ego Depletion
Ego depletion is the state you reach when you’re so exhausted and stressed that you feel totally out of control. We’ve all had a moment or two of sheer panic. That “WTF” time warp where you’re waiting for someone to pinch you so you wake up from an overload nightmare. Get up. Yes, get up. Take a walk. Or better yet, sit down. Sit down, close your eyes and meditate. Yes meditate. Meditation can be intimidating to some. Why? All you have to do is breathe, and try to focus your mind on well, nothing. That’s the hardest part! But either way, as little as five full minutes of forced calm and slow breathing in your life can do wonders for turning your day around.

Take a breath ladies, and good luck on making your mark on the world.

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