Finishing Finals Without A Job? Here’s What To Do Next

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The end of university is a time to celebrate your achievements and mourn the end of what was most likely a brilliant few years.

Yet as celebrations come to the end, the future can look incredibly daunting if you don’t already have a plan set in place.

Whilst a few individuals may have landed high-paid city jobs, the majority of us leave college with a degree and a vague idea of where to progress to next.

Here are some steps you should take and things you ought to consider if you’ve just graduated, but don’t yet have a job or career-plan lined up.

Decide what you want

Whilst this doesn’t have to be a single, concrete path at this stage, it’s important that you spend a large amount of time seriously considering what you want from a job, and where you want to go in the future.

These thoughts could culminate in 3 or 4 different careers you want to pursue further, or may focus in on one path immediately.

Keep thinking and brainstorming until you have at least some idea of where you want to go, or until you are no longer staring at a blank page.

Changing Careers

Look for it

Once your ruminations as to your future have thrown up some ideas, research these thoroughly so you know what each entails. Look for the jobs you believe would best suit you, and assess whether these fit your skillset.

Get out there and talk to seasoned professionals in the roles you’re interested in – hear what they have to say, and consider the ups and downs of the roles.

Once you’ve found the roles you like, get applying! Keep applying to new roles of interest, even if you’re getting interviews, until you get a role you like.

Cut yourself some slack

Just because you haven’t landed a job which has a huge salary and lets you jet all over the world, don’t beat yourself up about it. Try not to compare yourself to those around you, and remember that everyone has very different aims and experiences; we all excel in different areas.

Give yourself the time to consider your future without jumping straight into a job you might regret, and remember that it’s not a race to secure employment after uni – you have the rest of your life to work your way up the pecking order, and there’s plenty of time for competitive spirit in the future.

Don’t stress about moving back home – take advantage of comfy accommodation which is likely far nicer than your student digs, and see this as a natural progression towards securing your independence and security in the world.

Remember that living at home will allow you to save far more effectively than sharing with mates, and will benefit you in the long run.


Get experience

Whilst you may well come across a job ideally suited to your skill set that you really enjoy straight away, in all likelihood you’ll be torn between several different paths, and will need further experience to decide between them.

Utilize all of the contacts you can through friends and family, as well as sending off as many applications as you possibly can for internships and work experience. Network and make contacts – often one internship will lead on to the next.

Alexandra Jane writes for Inspiring Interns, which specialises in sourcing candidates for internships and graduate jobs.


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