Five Signs He’s Planning to Pop the Question

Has your boyfriend become distant and less focused on your relationship? He might text in secret, refuse to let you see his phone, go out without telling you where he’s going, and engage in other secretive behavior. Your friends say these are classic signs of cheating.

When your long-term boyfriend starts to act strange, you don’t have to assume the worst. He might just be getting ready to pop the question. If you have your suspicions, here are a few signs to confirm that you’ll soon be engaged.

His browsing history will show websites that sell engagement rings.

It might not be that uncommon for your boyfriend to spend a lot of time on his phone, but if he doesn’t let you see what he’s doing, it might lead you to be concerned. After all, don’t cheaters refuse to show you their phones?

However, this could be a sign that he’s getting ready to pop the question. He’s probably searching online for the perfect vintage engagement ring, and you can prove this by getting on his phone when he’s not looking and checking his browsing history. If that’s what you find, you can rest assured that your future with him is secure!

He’s been spending a lot of time with your sister or best friend.

Everyone has seen movies where the boyfriend and best friend fall madly in love, leaving the girlfriend in the dust. So, when your boyfriend starts spending more time with your best friend, sister, cousin, or other female friend close to you, it’s natural to feel a little nervous.

However, he could just be reaching out to the people who know you best to gather ideas for the ring and proposal. If your loved one refuses to tell you what’s up, it’s probably “because he’s asking them to keep the secret and help him pick a piece of jewelry with which to propose,” explains April Masini, a New-York-based relationship and etiquette expert and author. “He’s also getting some counseling from them, and this newfound closeness may be a sign you’re about to get a marriage proposal.”

Have a little faith in your boyfriend and your besties before you jump to conclusions.

He talks a lot about the future.

Should you really be concerned about your boyfriend cheating when he’s constantly discussing your future together? “If your guy starts referring to the way distant future a lot, he may secretly be looking for affirmation that you see a way distant future with him,” reasons Michele Velasquez, owner of a business that helps plan proposals.

No guy wants to buy a non-refundable ring, plan the perfect proposal, and get down on one knee, only to be rejected. He’ll probably bring up kids, where you like to live, where you see yourself a few years from now, and other details about the future.

Velasquez warns, “If you want him [or her] to propose, reinforce you feel the same way.” Otherwise, he might start thinking about breaking things off to avoid too much heartache.

Nudge Your Partner Down the Engagement Path

He’s been talking about planning a big trip.

Perhaps he’s been asking you questions about your favorite places to travel. Or maybe he wants to book a romantic vacation for two. Either way, this could mean that he’s ready to take your relationship to the next level or that he wants to propose while you’re in this romantic setting. It could also indicate a possible honeymoon adventure.

Not every trip will signify a potential proposal. A trip to see your family is probably just that. However, if you make a few romantic stops along the way or you’re off to a wonderful romantic destination, you can assume that a ring might pop up at some point.

He’s become extra budget-conscious lately.

Many women become concerned when their boyfriends want to eat out less, or they stop buying nice things because they want to save money. It might feel like he doesn’t think you’re worth buying things for.

However, he’s probably just getting ready for the expenses of a wedding.

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…and your guy’s bank account’s worst enemy,” explains an article from EverydayHealth. “The average engagement ring costs more than $4,000 – and then there’s the enormous cost of the average wedding. So, if your man starts being tight-fisted when it comes to everyday luxuries, he could be saving up for something big and permanent.”

In short, don’t throw away a happy, long-term relationship on the assumption that your boyfriend is cheating. If there have been no signs up until now, and your relationship has been better than ever, have a little faith. It might not be long before you have a ring on your finger, and you’re planning the wedding of your dreams.