Four Ways To Keep Movin’ On Up

As an entrepreneur, you tend to enjoy much more freedom and flexibility than most professionals in terms of scheduling and decision-making; however, this freedom also comes with a trade-off of many challenges that can sometimes exceed the responsibilities of the average professional. With a heavy burden of responsibility comes the need to aid in your professional development to be able to approach these tasks with the utmost success. Although you may work on your own terms, there are still several ways you can continue growing and developing as a professional.

1. Learn from entrepreneurs like you.

It may seem to defy the independent nature of the entrepreneurial spirit, but learning from others in a similar position is a great way to avoid common mistakes and receive helpful tips for running a business. Look for seminars and conventions that are designed primarily for entrepreneurs. Industry related programs and seminars give you the opportunity to learn from thought leaders and meet with potential partners to expand your business. You can also try learning from other entrepreneurs by absorbing some helpful tips during a leisurely reading hour at a library or bookstore.

2. Advance your education.

Contrary to popular belief, acquiring an education is not exclusively intended to make your resume look better and increase your appeal in the job market. Although this is certainly a perk, the main goal of an education should be to increase your knowledge base and develop skills in your industry. Even with your busy schedule, you can still expand your education by taking classes online to work toward a degree, or to gain a better grasp on concepts that are relevant to your profession. Furthermore, you can acquire relevant certifications for your industry to boast your credibility to potential clients and partners.

3. Feed your creative spirit

Creativity is a fundamental personality trait for all entrepreneurs. When working long hours and conducting multiple logistical projects, you may find it difficult to maintain your creative spirit. Plan a creative project (either business-related or personal) to help you get back into the swing of things creatively. You can do anything—rent out an art studio, purchase multiple art supplies, and awaken your creative spirit for an afternoon. You can take a dance class, attend the theater, listen to classical music, or whatever you prefer that would stimulate your mind and your creativity for better performance at work.

4. Enhance your visibility and appeal on the net.

One of the best ways to enhance your professional development is by improving your image. These days, your image online can often be more important than your image in person simply because this is where you are most likely to encounter potential clients and partners. Increase the appeal of your social networking accounts by updating more frequently and completely filling out all informational sections available. Start a blog, if you don’t already have one, and update it frequently to allow others to get to know you on a more personal level. Connect with others in your industry through LinkedIn and other social networking sites to broaden your professional network. By focusing on your online presence, you can learn about Internet marketing, the current state of the industry, and how your business measures up to the competition. Each of these concepts significantly enhances your professional development, while improving your professional image as well.

What others ways should entrepreneurs keep moving up?

Melissa Crossman

Melissa Crossman is a professional writer living in the Indianapolis area with her two dogs. She writes extensively about education, professional and personal development, and the slings and arrows of the job hunt.