Four Ways To Preserve Your Wedding Memories

The wedding day is full of the most beautiful moments in your life and the memory of that incredible celebration is well worth preserving. You wouldn’t want all the images, sounds and feelings you experienced on that important event to fade.

To ensure that even after many years, you’ll remember everything in vivid detail, here are four ways to preserve your wedding memories:

Freeze the cake

The tradition of keeping a piece of the wedding cake goes back to 19th century England, where the top layer of the wedding cake was kept to be served at the first baby’s christening. Nowadays a piece of the cake is saved and eaten at the couple’s first anniversary.

The piece of cake can retain its deliciousness when wrapped properly. Make sure you remove all decorations or flowers and place the cake in a fridge to cool down. After a few hours, you can wrap up the cake in plastic and put it in a freezer box.

Not everyone is excited to eat a year-old piece of cake, so you can also choose to get a replica one, that tastes exactly like the original.

The Dress Can Be Preserved!

The bridal gown is the central element of any wedding’s look. It’s important to not just toss it in the closet after the ceremony but to get it cleaned immediately. That way whatever you’ve spilled on the gown won’t set. After that, you should take the dress to a professional preserver, who knows how to keep the gown from decaying or turning yellow. The dress will be properly cleaned, and then, finally, it will be gently placed inside an acid-free box.

Make a Time Capsule

Get a container and have your guests write up letters and mementos to put inside it. They can also add photos or make a list of predictions about your future. Seal the container and make a sacred promise to not open it before the first wedding anniversary. Or maybe the fifth. Or the tenth.

It will be a true test of character to not open the capsule before the promised time!

A Great Looking Photo Album

It’s a good idea to get a professional photographer to take great photos of your special day. But even the most beautiful of pictures can easily overwhelm when there’s so many of them.

A very convenient way to sort all your photos is to create a photo book. Mixbook is one of the easiest ways to get started, as it allows you to compile everything for the album online, at your own pace. You can choose the preferred format, size and cover style, and much more. Only after you’re happy with the results, it gets printed.

If you want to explore more on how to create an ultimate customized album for your wedding memories, make sure to contact their service people. They are super helpful.

In Conclusion…

These were just some of the many ways to keep the memories of the precious wedding day fresh. They may take some time and effort, but it’s well worth it.