Must-Have Business Tools for Female Entrepreneurs

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Running a business is no walk in the park. Fortunately, with the right business tools, it makes the day-to-day operations a little easier.  For female entrepreneurs who are no stranger to multi-tasking and juggling varying responsibilities, having a robust business toolbox is essential. Here are ten must-have business tools to help you become successful.

HR Payroll Systems

One of the challenges of small business ownership is taking steps toward managing a team of employees or contractors. When you expand, you have to wear the hats of an HR manager and payroll coordinator.

Using HR Payroll Systems can help you streamline employee management, from onboarding to benefits management. This tool will be invaluable when you have numerous people working on employee-related matters, as it creates a centralized information hub.


Sometimes an interesting article or image catches your eye at the most inconvenient time. That’s where the Pocket app comes in. With this app, you can forward email newsletters, memes, and articles to an app for centralized offline storage, so that you can look over everything in your downtime— whenever that is.


Trello is a project management app that emulates post-its on a whiteboard. With a simple, straightforward user-interface and numerous integrations, this is an amazing app for solo female entrepreneurs and boss babes managing a team.

This cloud-based app allows for live updates, so you know what’s happening while on the go.


Slack is the Cadillac of instant messaging apps. It offers an innovative blend of the best features from both email and direct messaging for a comprehensive live chat app. Keep conversations organized by project, topic, and person. Choose from a diverse array of plug-ins to create a custom experience that fits your team.


Financial health is crucial for female entrepreneurs who are interested in winning the long game. Mint is an app that integrates with your online banking to keep track of expenses and cash flow. Additionally, it allows you to set goals and notifies you of upcoming bills or budget issues.

Mint is a versatile app that you’ll love using, both for business and personal finance.


Harvest is a time-tracking app that allows you to create different timers for projects. This app helps you create awareness around where you and your team are spending your time. It also sums things up nicely to make billing a little easier.


Female entrepreneurs experience huge wins with a strong social media presence. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find that balance between building a following and actually doing the work you’re talking about online.

Planoly is a must-have Instagram app for female entrepreneurs pushing e-commerce offerings. With a streamlined interface, this is bar none the best Instagram scheduling app you’ll ever use.


Self-care plays an important role in the overall success of the modern female entrepreneur. Headspace is a meditation app that appeals to those who invest in the idea of mindfulness, as well as those who just feel like they need a break.

Headspace boasts proven results in stress reduction and avoiding burnout. They promote the importance of wellness in the workplace for both 9-5 employees and business owners.


Have you ever set an alarm to remind you about an upcoming appointment or event? Chances are, you have about twenty unused alarms sitting in your phone from these occurrences.

HiFutureSelf replaces the need for alarm-setting, and lets you set is a smart app that texts you reminders in a conversational way. You can even set it to include motivating messages to get you through the week.

With these ten must-have tools, you’ll become an unstoppable force. Try them today to take your business to the next level.

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