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I just discovered thanks to’s list of 65 Indispensable Sites for Biz Owners– and it is totally fabulous!   It is free to sign up and you get lots of perks of being a member.  For those of you who have asked me how to incorporate, get a tax-ID #, get articles of incorporation, a domain name etc, here’s a great place to start. 

Check out the perks!

As a Toolkit member, you receive several membership benefits including the following special discounts and rewards:

  • Save $75 on Business Formation
    Protect your personal and business assets and gain tax advantages by forming an LLC or corporation. Save $75 on a complete incorporation package from BizFilings.
  • Save $25 on Compliance Management with BizComply
    As a business owner , it is imperative that you know the steps required to keep your corporation or LLC compliant and in good standing with the state in which it is formed. BizComply is a web-based application that outlines critical compliance events, notifies you before these events need to happen, provides access to important forms, and houses your company’s important information in one convenient location.
  • BizFilings: Save 10% on Business Licenses
    Failure to comply with the necessary licenses and permits for your new business could jeopardize the business, result in expensive penalties or leave the business owner with no legal protection.  Let BizFilings research the state and local licensing requirements for your business type and location.
  • BizFilings: Save $25 on Business Planning Software
    BizFilings’ Ultimate Business Planner guides you through each business-planning step quickly and easily.It simplifies the process of writing a business plan and gives you expert advice, tips, and hints based on proven business practices.
  • Save $25 on a Corporate Kit & Seal
    A Corporate Kit is a binder usually containing essential items for the required maintenance and administration of a corporation.
  • Save 10% on DBA filings for your business
    A DBA (doing business as) filing is an official and public registration of a business name with either the state or local jurisdiction.
  • Save $25 on an LLC Kit & Seal
    An LLC Kit is a binder usually containing essential items for the required maintenance and administration of an LLC.

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