Future Thinking: Are You Really Living Your Best Life?

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Life as we know it can often be a little mundane and the same, don’t you think? We may think we are enjoying life but when we start to analyse different aspects of it you may start to question some of the decisions you have made. There is so much focus on living in the here and now right now that you can often find that you are just trying to survive from one day to the next, never actually living your life and yet just getting by.

Life isn’t about that though is it? We are encouraged to make the most of it and one of the best ways we can do that is through thinking about the future and making decisions now that effect us, not just for today, but also for tomorrow and moving forward with our lives. Are you really living your best life? I wanted to share with you aspects of your life and really get down to the nitty gritty of whether or not it is the best decision for you. I hope it gives you insight on some of the decisions you could make and some of the things you can start changing.

Your career

When it comes to your life, much of your time can be spent doing a job of some sort. Some people are so fortunate to enjoy the job and the career that they have, others may find it a chore and will see themselves willing their lives away. If that sounds like you then you won’t be alone.

People can often feel trapped in their career and really don’t know which way to turn, so you may find that a change of career would be suitable. It might be that you are already specialised, perhaps in the health sector such as a doctor or nurse and be wondering about the highest paying states for travel nurses as relocation might be on the cards, or you simply like the idea of learning something new. Maybe you want to start again, and study for something more specifically. You may even have a hobby that you may want to turn into a job, or working for yourself has always been ambition. Taking the action to make it happen could be the best thing you do to help you feel more content on a day to day basis.

Your financial situation

Could your financial situation be causing you strain in your life? The answer might be yes and like so many, we can often be governed by our circumstances much more than we can be in other aspects of our lives. The truth is, money doesn’t make you happy, but it can make life easier, and so you look at some of the things you could do to make a positive change. If your finances are under pressure right now take a minute to look at ways you could Improve it. Perhaps you need to focus on paying debts off, or looking at ways you can boost your income and make some general savings. Simple things like meal planning can make a big difference as well as looking at ways you can make some extra cash in your spare time.  

Your relationships

Relationships can be a real dampener on your life at times, and they are certainly not meant to be. A relationship, Be that’s a friendship or of the romantic kind, should lift your spirits, make you feel happy and fulfilled in your life, or give you something back. However, relationships can also drain you at times. You can find that your surround yourself with people that are negative and this can drain your physically as well as mentally. You can also find that relationships have run their course over time, you fal out of love with people, you have different directions in life you want to take, and this can also mean that it can become hard to move forward. The best advice is to always surround yourself with people that make you feel good.

Your retirement

Are you thinking about the future at all when it comes to the time in your life where you will no longer be working? This is a time we often see as being so far into the future that we give little or no thought to it, but it will actually be with you quicker than you realise. It is important for you to work out how you will find the lifestyle that you want and also spend some time planning the things you want to do. Do you have bucket list? Are there certain things you want to ac Herve before you hit retirement age? Knowing these things can really help you in terms of getting where you want to be in life much faster.

Your travel plans

On the subject of bucket lists when was the last time you thought about the travel plans you have or want to have? The truth is we can be so bombarded with life on a day to day basis, that we can forget that we need to enjoy it as well and many people find travel as one of the best ways to do that. You may want to think about planning certain trips, or at least ticking places off your overall bucket list to help you feel more inspired with life.

I know it isn’t easy to really make such big decisions on a day to day basis, so maybe start to look at some of the things you can do actively everyday to ensure that you are living your absolute best life. Simple things can make big differences in your life.

Feeling gratitude for what is going well

One of the best ways to start making some difference in your life is to start focusing on some of the smaller things that you can start to change and do daily. It might be that you start feeling grateful for everything that is going well in your life. Ending your day with positive things that have happened or what you are particulate thankful for in that day. You could start your day in the same way, and even practice saying thank you mentally throughout the day when things are going your way. That parking space, that last coffee you just enjoyed, simple things but it can be extremely effective.

Changing your mindset

Your mind is the biggest tool that you have when it comes to how you feel, and working on your mindset can be one of the best things that you do. Changing it from negative to positive isn’t going to be plain sailing, but it is part of a journey of rediscovery, and while it will feel forced at first, it will certainly help you to see much clearer and lead a better lifestyle on a day to day basis.

Looking at your lifestyle

Finally, your lifestyle can also be a big indicator on how you feel now and living your best life as well as how you will be in the future. Taking care of your mind and body will not only give you short term benefits but also long term ones as you start to see a difference in how you feel. Whether it is your diet or you choose to become more active, the small things can make a big difference.

I hope that sharing this with you has certainly given you some food for thought when it comes to future thinking and living your best life.

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