Gift Idea For Him: How About a Fob Watch?

It is said that as long ago as the 15th century, the first Fob Watch was created by a very clever German fellow.  His creations quickly became popular and by the 16th century these treasures had spread throughout the rest of Europe.  Fob or pocket watches were traditionally a status symbol of the wealthy; the type of metal used and the design of the watch, as well as the length and type of chain used, told a story about the wealth and success of the wearer.   It is also said that precious jewels such as rubies and diamonds were used as bearings in the watch mechanisms, mainly by the wealthier gentlemen.  The more jewels used in a watch the higher the grade of the watch.

However, it was not only the wealthy who could afford a fob watch and some of the less expensive ones were made of brass rather than silver or gold.  In both cases these timepieces often became family heirlooms and whether poor or wealthy, they were treasured items to own.   Men’s fashion was influenced by the fob watch with the addition of separate pockets in coats and waist coats to accommodate these little timepieces; with some preferring to have the fob watch clipped to the outside and worn not only as a timepiece, but as an accessory and a status symbol.

Return of The Fob Watch

You may have noticed that recently the Fob Watch is making a comeback in men’s fashion.  For weddings and formal occasions, for special gifts for milestone occasions such as 21st birthdays, the fob watch is proving a popular choice.  We found some truly delightful specimens at Fob & Co whose range includes both modern and contemporary designs.  We found Full Hunter and Skeleton Fob Watches as well as our favourite collection featuring Half Hunter Pocket Watches.  A half hunter pocket watch is a case with a spring-hinged circular metal lid or cover, which closes over the watch-dial and crystal, protecting them from scratching and dust.  This collection includes a selection of finishes in black, brass, antique gold and dark metal, all of which are hand wound; with no batteries!

These traditional and contemporary designs make the perfect gift and will delight the fussiest of fellows.  Many have a little windowed cover which provides a ‘peep’ at the treasure inside.  There are solid ‘donut’, filigree, and brushed cases with exquisite roman numerals and delicate hands to choose from.  We think you will be hard pressed to choose from these beautiful timepieces so why not consider this as the gift you give yourself or to a loved one and which will also become an heirloom to be treasured for generations to come?  Check out the range at Fob and Co and enjoy browsing these truly beautiful and timeless timepieces.