21 Healthy Snacks for Your Next Road Trip

healthy snacks

We are heading into one of the best times of the year for a road trip! I am personally planning what to pack for an upcoming two-day trip with my Dad. As a weekly meal planner/prepper I cannot go the gas station junk-food route! If you have a mini cooler, you make some of these meals ahead and pack perishable items.

road trip

AM eats

  1. Blended juice, smoothie, protein shake
  2. Hard-boiled eggs seasoned with cumin and cayenne pepper
  3. Raw oats or steel-cut oats with cinnamon
  4. Quest Bar
  5. PowerCrunch Bar
  6. Protein Pancakes
  7. ¼ cup raw cashews, pecans, or almonds
  8. Toast raw pumpkin & sunflower seeds and make your own trial mix! Roast the seeds on parchment paper, turning throughout the broil until just browned. Let cool. Toss with dried cranberries, raisins, & unsweetened coconut flakes. Recipe cred: my awesome trainer, Joan.

Lunch ideas

  1. Wrap with hummus, chicken, & veggies
  2. Lentil salad (lentils, cucumbers, parsley, fresh basil, red-wine vinegar, olive oil, S&P to taste)
  3. Ground turkey bowl with riced cauliflower, mushrooms, & salsa
  4. Almond butter & banana whole wheat wrap
  5. Veggie Burgers or Turkey Burgers

road trip

Anytime snacks and bevs

  1. Skinny Pop or Pirate’s Booty for when you are craving a crunch
  2. Apple, blueberries, or grapes
  3. Single serving cottage cheese
  4. Salami or Turkey Jerky
  5. Coffee, water, coconut water, flavored water, sparkling water

Coach Kimmy’s picks

Kinda fancy but remember this mompreneur eats brie every day so are you surprised?

  1. Organic string cheese with Back to Nature round crackers
  2. Small mozzarella balls with cherry tomatoes
  3. Sliced brie with green apples or dried apricots

Other clutch concepts

To pack:

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Ziploc bag for trash so your car does not smell like food
  • Paper towels/Napkins
  • Baby Wipes

To do:

The Gas Station workout (I am definitely going to crush this!! #FitTrip)

  • Jumping jacks or jump rope – one minute
  • Walking lunges – one minute
  • Pushups – one minute
  • Body weight squats – one minute
  • Plank – one minute

road trip “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” – George Moore

A Road Trip Always Leads Back Home!


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