Herbal Gardens – Why and How To Start One in Your Kitchen

herbal gardening

If you’re a typical career woman, you probably don’t have time to create and tend to a large backyard garden.  But there’s an indoor alternative that’s much easier, and it can provide some great benefits.  Herbal gardens are the perfect way to let your green thumb express itself.  And herbal gardens can be as simple as a window ledge or any dedicated well-lit area.

Here’s a summary of why and how to start one in your kitchen next weekend!

Benefits of Herbal Gardens

It seems that everything has to be justified in our modern too-busy world.   So while it’s okay to do an herbal garden just because you enjoy it, here are some very real benefits of doing so.

Enhances decor and beautifies

There nothing like living plants to perk up a living space.  That’s why we even try to imitate real life with fake plants.  You may not have to water the fake ones, but how much joy do you get from watching them grow?  I’m guessing not a lot.

It’s good for your health

There’s the obvious general nutritional value of carefully selected herbs, of course.  Plus, they’re fresh and full of nutrients.  Beyond that, there’s a therapeutic value of working with live plants and getting your hands a little dirty.

You’ll save some money

When you grow your own herbs, you save the cost of buying them at the local produce department or health food store.  And an extra big plus is the money you’ll save by staying healthier.

Choosing the Best Herbs

There’s quite a large variety of herbs from which to choose when starting your herbal garden.  Here’s our suggestion for three herbs to get started with.


Image Source: Wikilawn

Top of our list is lavender.  For cooking, it’s a flavor enhancer.  For medicinal use, it’s commonly use for a wide variety of ailments including anxiety, headaches, and insomnia.  And it’s hardy and easy to grow.

Thymus citriodorus

Thymus citriodorus, more commonly known as lemon thyme, can be used raw in salads or dried and used as a seasoning.  Medicinal uses include aiding digestion and for cough and congestion relief.

Mentha spicata

You know it as spearmint.  You’re probably most familiar with it as a digestive and stomach upset aid.  But it’s also believed to help women with hormone imbalances, and it’s high in antioxidants.

Tips For a Successful Herbal Garden

We can’t make you into an herbal garden pro with just this short read.  But here’s a few tips to get your garden started.

  • Choose a sunny location, but one where the plants won’t get scorched by intense sunlight
  • Prepare pots or trays that drain well and use a high quality potting soil
  • Establish a regular watering schedule according to the needs of the plants

When you’re working your garden, remember to smile.  And enjoy the results of your efforts!


Linda Allen

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