Here is why you need to attend a Leadership Development Program

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Leadership is an influential element of organizations, businesses and governments. Leadership programs arm leaders with the necessary knowledge, tools and ability to inspire and impact their team. They offer the opportunity for leaders to horn their skills and share their experiences with others in similar positions as them to grow in their effectiveness. These programs produce leaders that can lead with ease and confidence.

Studies reveal that organizations that take their team through a development program perform better than those that don’t. But despite these, only a few companies invest in development programs, either claiming that it’s hard to measure the return on investment and the results or believing that these programs don’t work and aren’t worth investing money and time on.

But the question is, can your company afford the cost of poor leadership?

High employee turnover, disengaged talent, unhappy clients, bad decisions, low productivity? No, you cannot. It is cheaper to develop your current team into leaders than to hire new leaders from other companies hoping they will be a better fit for your organization. Leadership development programs are critical to the long-term success of your company. And to build a capable team, optimize your employee’s expertise and prepare a generation of all-rounded leaders, you’ve got to invest in leadership development.

Here is why you (and your team leaders) need to attend a leadership development program

Make better decisions

Leadership program can lead to better decision-making because leaders operating at a high level of emotional intelligence are better placed to make a sound, well-informed business decisions. And for this reason alone, you can consider your leadership program investment returned.

Provide stronger strategic vision and purpose

Coming up with a compelling mission and vision and creating strategies to achieve these is one of the biggest challenges that companies face. Leadership programs can help you lay the foundations for your company’s vision and implement this successfully.

Training flow-down

Thanks to the trickledown effect, these programs don’t just benefit the leaders, but every other employee in the organization. It starts with the leaders and goes to supervisors and the team. Strong management means positive effects filtering down and having a flow-on effect to other team members.

To reinforce and enhance your employee training initiatives, consider adding professional customized leadership development videos to the program. These can help fill in some learning/training gaps that aren’t trickled down while simultaneously giving employees the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their roles within the organization.

Increase productivity

Leadership is about understanding your team emotionally. Leadership programs are designed to build your emotional intelligence, which involves using empathy effectively to engage and empower employees.

Retain your employees

75% of workers who voluntarily quit their jobs don’t just leave because of work, but because of their bosses. Many choose to quit their companies because of ineffective leaders. By investing in leadership programs, you can retain your team and minimize the cost of recruitment.

Provide accountability

These programs offer responsibility that helps to maintain a proactive approach to change. They perform a SWOT analysis and show you how to capitalize on your strengths and how to improve on your weaknesses. Development programs arm you with an action plan that highlights a step-by-step process that you can follow.

Necessary tools

Development program provides you with the tools needed to help you enhance and continually develop your leadership skills. Examples of these tools include online resources, books, accountability and networking groups, step-by-step processes, worksheets and future conferences.

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