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Audiobooks are now more popular than ever. Audiobooks can make it so easy to go through the pages of an otherwise difficult to read book.The only problem is that it is hard to find the good ones, and if you do find them, they tend to be expensive.  Downpour’s audiobook rental service promises to make finding and enjoying Audiobooks easier! has recently launched an audiobook rental that has a great selection of books for your hearing pleasure. This came in very handy in my recent long haul trip!


How does it work? It syncs directly to your iOS or Android gadget, which stays 30-60 days to listen to, then auto removes itself from your device. You can buy rental extensions if you aren’t able to finish your book before the deadline.I love this idea for two things: its convenience and its affordability.




CONVENIENCE. As a traveller and a busy career girl, I enjoy listening to Audiobooks because of its many convenient perks. For one, you can enjoy a switching from one book to another without the added weight of a number of books in your bag. Listening to the book also allows you to be more relaxed in your travels. Sometimes even having the backlight of a kindle or a reading light can give you a headache or bother the people around you. That’s when an audiobook helps. Downpour allows you to enjoy as much audiobooks as you want on the go! Your books can be accessed from the app and since it removes itself in your device after the 60 – 90 period, you don’t have t worry about clearing memory space in your gadgets because you downloaded too many for you to keep track of.


AFFORDABILITY. Buying audiobooks can get expensive, and since you are only renting the audiobook from DownPour, you are able to enjoy them at a fraction of the cost. Also sometimes, you end up downloading Audiobooks with reading which you do not particularly enjoy. This is why I really liked how you can also try audiobooks without a huge $ commitment, so you dont have to waste money or time on a book that you end up not liking halfway through.





All in all, this is a service that you should definitely try if you are a book or audiobook lover. Intrigued? You can go to, create an account, and download the app into your device. This is a definite must have for someone who is looking to relax after a long day of work, want to catch up on reading even when traveling, or simply someone who loves literature and is willing to try the new age of enjoying it! I also recommend this as a gift for your loved ones. After all, the best purchases are the ones that make you richer. You can enrich your life and the life of others with the gift of books! Many people include the resolution “to read more” ever new years. This would make that resolution so much easier to accomplish!

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