House Cleaning Tips to Prepare to Welcome Guests

house cleaning

A clean, organized, and well-functioning house is a dream of many. When you’ve got guests coming, you want to show off your home. It all comes down to planning and doing the prep work. Here are some house cleaning tips before your home is ready to welcome guests.

Walk your house with the eyes of a guest. Is there anything out of the ordinary? Is there something that looks misplaced and does not fit in the room? The first thing you want to do during your house cleaning project is to control clutter control. A beautiful home is one that is uncluttered and well organized. This is what guests would appreciate you for. They might even ask for some house cleaning tips.

At the entry way

  • Place a welcome mat at the entrance. A mat looks beautiful at the entry point. Besides, it indicates to guests that they should wipe clean their footwear before entering your premises. It is a good idea to place a “walk off” mat inside. This will ensure that no dirt enters your home. To thoroughly clean your entryway carpet, pour some baking soda over it. Wait for 30 minutes before vacuuming.
  • Keep a shoe tray close to the door where guests can corral muddy shoes and snow-crusted boots. If there is no special drawer for shoes, worry not. You may want to put them in a shopping bag. Hang the bag on a hook.
  • Placing a coat rack within easy sight is a good idea to prevent coat-litter. Guests can hang their scarves or coats. However, make sure the coat rack is empty when guests come. Having clothes on a rack would make your entrance look messier.
  • Place all papers, including magazines and receipts, in a box if you do not have time to sort through the stuff at the moment.

Guest room

When it comes to following house cleaning tips, little goes a long way in setting the impression right on guests.

Clear up the clutter. This will help guests use dresser tops for their own belongings. Additionally, this makes it easier to clean surfaces. You may want to give closet and dresser space to guests. Make sure there is a wastebasket in the guest room to keep trash off the floor.

Another house cleaning tip to make your abode guest ready is to place two baskets. It is a good idea to store rolled cloths in one and put used cloths in another. Place a cloth hamper so guests can keep dirty clothes. This is one of the best room organizing tips to keep towels off the floor. When there is no clutter on the floor, laundry collection becomes a breeze.


Guest room cleaning is incomplete without sanitizing the toilet and bathroom. It isn’t the most pleasant experience for anyone, but there is no way out than to keep the toilet clean.

Pour baking soda and vinegar into the toilet bowl. Wait for an hour before cleaning it off with a toilet brush. Or you may want to spray a disinfectant solution and wipe it clean. Additionally, when guests are arriving, keep the bathroom ready with a new toilet paper roll.

In order to keep your bathroom clean and fresh, you may want to go green instead of choosing chemical odors. Take a cotton pad and spray a few drops of essential oil on it. Keep it on the shelf and the whole bathroom will smell fresh.


At least one or two guests might be interested to get a sneak peek into your kitchen. This might worry you if you had overlooked kitchen cleaning on your house cleaning list.

So it would help to keep your kitchen spick and span and ready to welcome surprise guests.

When wiping cleaning a kitchen counter, avoid wiping in a circular motion. It might spread germs and dirt around. Wiping in an S pattern is the right way to do the job properly.

Rub the fridge door with coconut oil to clean stains and make it look shiny.

Toss any trash away from sight. Put all dirty dishes into the dishwasher. If you are constrained for time to do the dishes, throw them under the sink and forget about them as long as you have guests at home.

Living room

That dining table, coffee table, and side table tend to accumulate dirt and clutter. Clear up the clutter and wipe clean every surface or tabletop with a baking soda and vinegar solution. Adding a few drops of essential oil would improve the odor and make your room smell good.

When it comes to house cleaning tips, every little touch matters. Placing fresh towels in the bath and kitchen is an interesting tip to get your home guest ready. Clean fresh towels makes things look better and could make a huge difference.

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