How Online Dating Can Bridge Cultural Barriers

online dating

There was a time when online dating was regarded with a certain amount of disdain. Surely going online to find a partner was the last resort when all other options had been exhausted? We can tell from the popularity of dating websites nothing could be further from the truth.

People date online for all sorts of reasons, but one interesting aspect of this activity is the way it can break down international barriers. Why have a relationship with the guy who works in accounts when you could introduce yourself to some fabulous French vineyard owner, or an Australian scuba diving instructor? The possibilities are endless. So how do you get to know someone from foreign climes via your keyboard?

Why a foreign partner?

Having experienced relationships with partners on our own doorstep, a natural aspiration is to expand your horizons. There could be any number of reasons for doing this. Perhaps you are learning a foreign language and would like to have someone you could web chat with to hone your skills. Some people might be interested to find out more about a certain country from someone who has local knowledge. If you intend traveling to a particular location, nothing would beat having your own dedicated tour guide to meet you at the airport, then provide you with free accommodation for the duration of your stay.

Registering with a site

The first step in your quest for global romance should be to sign-on with a dating website.  The good news is there are many of these to choose from. You can fine-tune what it is you are looking by considering whatever criteria are most important to you, whether that’s the best dating site for over 40 romance or one that is popular in numerous countries.

It is often free to join and once you have become a member you can begin to check out the profiles of other site users. It’s very easy to set the parameters for the type of person you are looking for.  Geographical location is certainly one of these, enabling you to ensure you get access to a wide cross-section of potential partners.

There are chat rooms in these sites where you can introduce yourself and get involved in group discussions. But for the type of connection you’re seeking, a one-on-one chat would probably be more useful. These sites are set up to accommodate informal get-togethers in a relaxed and discreet environment. In some instances, you can instigate a conversation with someone whose profile you are drawn to by sending a wink. This is the equivalent of smiling at a stranger across a crowded room to let them know someone is interested.

Once you establish contact you can start exchanging text messages, gradually getting to know more about your prospective partner. Of course, the obvious drawback is that you can’t exactly arrange to hook up for drinks anytime soon if the person lives in a different timezone. But you can always make the most of the existing technology to arrange regular web chats.

Cultural differences

You always need to be wary of cultural nuances. Behavior acceptable in certain parts of the world may be deemed inappropriate in others. The good news is many of these dating sites are so much more than a platform to arrange to date. They offer all sorts of interesting guidance about do’s and dont’s when it comes to communicating with a foreigner.

A lot of these differences are more likely to cause a chuckle than offense.  So getting used to each other’s backgrounds can be part of the fun. The more chemistry you establish, the more you might feel like arranging your next holiday with your new friend.


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