How to Bring Fitness into Your Routine When You Work 9-5

Whether you want to improve your health by getting fit or you’re dreaming of a beach body, there are so many reasons to up your keep-fit game.  However, in reality, when you’re working 9-5, fitness is often the last thing you have time for.

Or so you thought.

With a few simple changes to your day-to-day routine, you can bring fitness into your life with ease, reaping all the wonderful benefits without losing out on lots of time.   Here’s how:

Keep It Fun

A huge factor for people skipping exercise is because they don’t find it fun. Whether you hate going to the gym on your own or you find that fitness class mind-numbingly boring, there are so many reasons why you can lose motivation for your regimen.

So that’s why you need to bring the fun factor to your exercise. Find something that you look forward to and that whizzes by because you’re enjoying it so much.

What part of exercise is ever fun, though, right?

In fact, you may just be surprised how easy it is to find something you enjoy doing. For example, if you hate going to the gym and hate exercising in front of others, a yoga DVD you can do in your living room may be just up your street. Or, if you want to make it more of a social thing, why not join up to a fun dance class with your partner or friend?

It may take a while to find something you truly love – but once you do, stick with it.

Commute to Work

You have to travel to work anyway, so why not make this part of your daily fitness?

Whether you set off 30 minutes early so you can walk or run there or you cycle longer distances, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate fitness into your commute.

Bikes like the Brompton are perfect for this as they also fold away so you can store them in a locker at work. And you can even combine biking with your normal commute if it is a long distance, as they’re easy to get on and off public transport.

Make Time

While it’s easy to say “I haven’t got time to exercise,” you can always find some time.

If you put a plan together, scheduling when you’re going to exercise, you’ll soon have a workable routine that you get used to.

Allow up to an hour for exercising and allocate time to get changed and showered afterwards too.

Then, set up reminders in your diary or on your phone as these will push you to get on with it.

Ultimately, you can’t wave a magic wand to create some extra time for exercise, but by incorporating it into your 9-5 workday, you’ll soon wonder why you couldn’t find time to exercise before.

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