How to Buy a Car for Business

Need a new car for work purposes? Before you go out and spend half your salary on a brand new saloon, consider all the options that are available to you. There are many different reasons you may need a fresh business vehicle, whether it’s to start a new job or simply look professional, and also various vehicles that will be ideal available. If you’re thinking about getting a new business car, consider the following methods.

Company Car Schemes

The first thing to check at your business is whether they do company car schemes, as this can be the most affordable way to get your hands on a luxury business car. Some will offer free company cars to certain employees, though this will often depend on the type of business and your position. Plus, you will still need to pay car tax, fuel costs and more.

Otherwise, plenty of businesses run company car schemes where you can get a new vehicle through salary sacrifice. This offers the benefit of instantly owning a fresh car, being able to meet monthly repayments and having maintenance, repairs and insurance all included so there is nothing else to worry about.

Purchase Outright


Many businesses do not offer company cars or salary sacrifice schemes, so you will have to sort out your own business car. When buying outright you do at least have the advantage of owning the vehicle, which means should you change jobs in the near future you can take it with you.

Plus, affordable options can be found through used car purchases. A new car from Robins & Day is often a more professional option though, as it will look the part and should be a quality ride. Remember to choose the most appropriate trim level and colour for business use; a bright pink hatchback with a spoiler does not say ‘professional’.

Leasing Deals

If you need a new car for business quickly and money is tight, then a leasing deal could come in handy. This also offers the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a brand new luxury motor without stumping up the full asking price.

Instead, you will make monthly payments for a set amount of time, which also includes the benefit of covering insurance, maintenance, repairs and more. The price will differ depending on vehicle, but it gives you access to some of the newest business cars around at a more affordable rate, though you never own the vehicle. Decided which method suits you best for getting a quality business car.

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