How To Buy Wedding Flowers: Buyer’s Guide

wedding flowers

There’s no denying the fact that flowers are the best and possibly only decor you’ll need in your wedding to get that classy yet rustic touch. Whether you plan on having the wedding of your dreams in a white palace, a serene beach wedding, or simply plan to have a non-traditional one, adding wedding flowers is going to make the setting and atmosphere an absolute feast to the eyes. So let’s get started!

Order Your Flowers Online

You may have considered buying your flowers from the local florist in your area, but you need to keep in mind that weddings are insanely expensive events. Though it may sound amusing, flowers can end up costing you more than the amount you’ll spend on food and drinks if you aren’t careful! The reason why most women prefer buying their wedding flowers online is that online stores usually offer great deals with budget-friendly packs as well. 

That being said, you’ll also want to make sure you order your flowers from reputable websites as you don’t want to end up with dry or dead looking flowers on your wedding day. If you have absolutely no experience with buying flowers online, you may want to check out the flower arrangements on sites like The Bouqs that have over 20 different kinds of flowers to choose from and also cater to different occasions based on your needs.

Make a List

It’s easy to forget all the bouquets and arrangements you need flowers for, so it’s best to make a checklist, lest someone’s bouquet ends up forgotten! Here’s a simple list of the most essential things you’ll need flowers for, but feel free to add or delete items that don’t make sense to you.

  • The bride’s bouquet
  • Floral crowns and hair flowers
  • Bridesmaids’ bouquets
  • The Tossing bouquet (if you plan on tossing one during the reception)
  • Boutonnieres, corsages, and nosegays
  • Table, pew, and chair arrangements
  • Petals to toss by guests
  • Centerpieces
  • Car arrangements
  • Cake arrangement (if you plan on using real flowers on your cake)

This is a basic list of the most common uses for flowers at weddings, so you’ll probably be able to get most of them as a wedding package on most online sites.

Have Variety

Now, this does not mean that you buy one of every flower you can think of, but having a variety of flowers (as opposed to just one type) can definitely make the venue and ceremony more picturesque. The key is to buy different flowers of similar shades, so if pink is the color you’re going for, you can get various flowers that complement each other through the same shade of pink. This way, your bouquets, and floral arrangements will seem uniform while also having an added texture!

The Takeaway

Though flowers have always played an important role in weddings and used to involve long and tedious rides to the florist’s, the rise of online sites and florists have made the process of getting all kinds of flowers (even the uncommon ones) a little less taxing. So don’t be afraid to explore and make sure you find a deal that works great for you!