How to Fix a Relationship Rut

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Relationship rut? Time to bring the sparks back.

Sometimes relationships feel like it is coming to a halt. Things get boring and the days feel like it is the same day in and out. If you and your boyfriend are starting to seem like you are tired of each other, remember this: it’s not you. It is not him either. It is just your circumstances, and you need to just make an effort to make the situation better.

Give each other a chance to miss each other

Go on a break. Go on a vacation away from each other with your according families and friends. Try to  stay off the phone and keep communication to a minimum, this way you really get some time to yourself. Sometimes spending way too much time with the same person or doing the same thing causes us to think of greener pastures, when the side you’re on is just as nice if not better. Let him miss you, and let yourself miss him as well. One break every other month will give you the me-time that you need.

Plan a Romantic Escape

When you realize that you are having problems, you are on the way to fixing it. You both are able to make plans to make things work out better. You can plan a romantic and intimate evening with your other half, and make both of you feel like the good old days. My husband found an amazing place called Executive Fantasy Hotels after doing some research online.  You can also try to plan a weekend away and go to a place that inspires great memories from the time that you were both very much in love.

Go after a goal together

One reason why a lot of couples get bored of their relationship is because they unconsciously fall into the monotony of everyday life. What you can do to counter it is sit down together and take on a project using each other’s skills. Nothing unites people better than a mutual goal, and finding the right project can make a world of difference. Whether it is a home makeover, or a part time side-hustle, getting together to work towards success can either make or break you, so putting in that effort will really help the two of you consciously re-couple.


Boredom comes to every couple. Just remember, the two of you came together for a reason, and that is all you have to remember to stay together. Putting sparks back into your relationship is an easy task after understanding that the problem that the love will always be there between you and your man.

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