Wedding Venue Hunting By Heart

 Overwhelmed by venue hunting for the big day?

So the big day is coming up, and you’ve probably read in a thousand wedding magazines that the venue needs to be number one in your priorities for planning the wedding. Have you found THE ONE?


I can’t downplay the importance of finding that venue. Somehow, a lot of things will depend on your venue of choice. It can set your budget, guest count, and overall theme. Sometimes, you find the perfect venue, and everything changes. Yes, even the wedding you planned when you were 8 years old.


Let me give you an example. When I was little I have always wanted to be married in a beach, and that has been the goal ever since. However, my fiancé took me one evening on a date, and pulled a ring out of his pocket, and that night became embedded in my memory forever. It was the perfect evening, it started with a few drinks, and then we saw a great play at the Borland Center performing arts in West Palm. It was beautiful, and elaborate, and I couldn’t imagine the night getting any better. Lo and behold, he proposed over dinner after the show.


Since then I could not get that evening out of my mind. As it has become a very memorable and significant place for us, we both decided with excitement that we have found the perfect wedding venue. We would host it in the theater where he took me that night that he proposed.


I believe that beyond picking for function, you should listen to your heart when picking the right venue. Many choose the best based on trends. I say, choose one best for you. While it still holds a lot of weight in what follows in your wedding planning, you have to pick a venue that has meaning to you and your husband, so you can share it with your loved ones. After all, a wedding is all about showing your love and sharing these moments with the people and the person who matters most.


Ms. Career Girl

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