How to Get the Best Professional Photography

These days, almost everyone has a DSLR camera but it doesn’t mean that everyone can shoot. It’s not enough to have expensive gear; you gotta know angles, lighting, editing, and much, much more. It’s not easy as it sounds to be a professional photographer and there are only a select few who are really good at what they do.

Luckily for you, there’s no need to filter through many average photographers because today, we bring you some tips to help you find the best professional photography. We’re talking about professional photographers that work for different events whether it’s for a wedding, a birthday party, Christening, or an engagement party.

  1. They have to be professional

Well, this one deserves one big “Duh!” but it does help to narrow down your choices to only professional photographers and cancel out the average and inexperienced ones. You will know when someone is a professional photographer if they mainly earn a large part of their living from photography.

  1. Do they belong to a photographer’s association/organization?

Make no mistake; not all photographers who belong to an organization are good. So be careful if they claim to belong to one. Verify whether it is indeed a reputable organization; these groups often follow certain regulations and have established a standard for quality imagery.

  1. They’re certified

A truly professional photographer may also have a certification. Wait, photographers have certifications? Yes, they actually do. Photography is an on-going learning experience and a good photographer will take the time to become good at their craft. If they’re certified, it means that they have committed themselves to continuous education in this field. There is more to photography than just pushing a few buttons. There’s also angling, lighting, post processing, retouching and more.  They likely have a large array of professional equipment.  But it they don’t have what’s necessary for a specialized shoot, they use a reputable source for the quality equipment they need.

  1. Check out their website

Many photographers these days will have their own website to showcase the packages they offer as well as their portfolio. Take your time sifting through their photos and see if you like it. If you need more photos to see if they are good at, say, family photography, feel free to contact them via email to ask for more samples.


  1. They’re tried and tested

They should have been in the industry long enough to know what looks good and what doesn’t. They are also easy to negotiate with as they won’t settle for a client who doesn’t realise the value of good photography and will only pay a subpar fee. Careful though; some can be in photography for so long and still provide terrible photos. Again, make sure to check out their portfolio. Has it gotten better throughout the years? If they have what you are looking for, look no further.

  1. They specialize in your event

Before you decide to book a wedding photography in Melbourne, make sure that your photographer has experience shooting for a similar event. Much better if they specialise in it since they will already know already which angles look best, poses that you should do, and find the right moments to capture.

  1. Get a friend’s opinion

Your friend can either give you a recommendation for a good photographer or they can help you judge a portfolio if you don’t have a good eye for photography. It always helps to have a second opinion, particularly someone who is good at photography. No idea which friend to get? Pick the one with the most beautiful Instagram feed. Voila!

In Conclusion

Those are just some of the things to consider when looking for professional photography. We hope they help you in finding a professional photographer for your event.

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