How to Make A Wedding Inspiration Board

One of the first things to check off your wedding checklist is putting together an inspiration board.  This is going to be your tool through out the wedding planning process, to bring in all the details you are planning and ensure they all work fluidly.

The last thing you want is to have a garden style bouquet with a modern centerpiece for your reception flowers.  If you are working with wedding planners they will be able to assist not only with providing inspiration but also putting it all together for a visual overview.

So, now that you know WHY you should make an inspiration board, let’s get started in figuring out HOW to make an wedding inspiration board.

Let’s Get Started:

  1. First let’s start off with collecting your inspiration-  You are going to want to know what style wedding you are going for.  Are you a modern chic bride, or a romantic elegant bride.  There is a range in style and while some styles can cross over, I would suggest first finding out what Style Bride You Are!  If you are in the dark and want some guidance click here for Visions What Kind of Bride Are You Guide.
  2. Let’s talk color- In putting together an inspiration board you will want to start with your color choices.  I would recommend a family of options.  Two colors are just not enough, you will learn this and you get more in depth in the planning process regarding invitations and smaller details.  So come up with your main color, an accent color and then of course a neutral that will carry it all together.  For help with color palettes we LOVE to use Pantone Colors as they are the most versatile in the wedding industry.  Ask your planner for a swatch of Pantone colors to really get a feel for all your colors together.
  3. Pictures- What is an inspiration board without photos?  You will want to create a folder on your computer that will house all your photos.  I recommend using sub-folders to give each category a seperate folder.  So you might have a Wedding folder and then subfolders of Cakes, Hair, Dress, Venue, Flowers etc.  While I know that your probably have a Pintrest I would recommend also having your top choices on your computer, some time too much inspiration gets confusing and you can easily get frustrated

Now that you are on your way and have a solid plan in place for the inspiration board now you may be asking WHERE do I put all of this together.  I have come up with Visions Top Inspiration Board Makers to cut down your guess work.


Top Inspiration Board Makers-

Style Me Pretty-

This is a really easy system to create wonderful inspiration boards.  As you browse through Style Me Pretty on a daily basis, swooning over their weddings, you can add to your favorites and use for your inspiration board.  Why do we love thee, because you can’t go wrong with Style Me Pretty Inspiration period!


Want inspiration that fits your personal style?  BHLDN is your spot for a simple romantic inspiration board.  I love this as an option because you can mix your own images along with their BHLDN styled photos.  Super easy and super classy for the vintage/boho bride.


Drum Roll Please, we saved the best for last!  Dessy sets itself apart from all the other options for it’s use of the Pantone Color Palette.  Visually seeing your color palette come to life is priceless, and again the wonderful thing with the Pantone Colors is that most of your wedding professionals will be familiar with these shades.

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Jenee Allan

Jenée Allan is a wedding Stylist & planner for Chicago’s busy brides at Visions Wedding Boutique. Jenee knows know first-hand what life can look like planning a wedding while managing a career. She is also a mother of five and a wife/ Every other Friday, enjoy tips, trends, and to-do’s for the busy Career driven Bride and a little here and there about home life.

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