Somebody That I Used To Know: The 4 Types of People You Went to College With

I’m sure many of you are sick of hearing Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know. I admit to being one of those people who had that song on repeat all day every day for at least a month. You can all be happy that I’m not your radio DJ. Anyway, I went to my Alma Mater a couple of weeks ago and that visit was the inspiration for this post and with the title above, you can bet your pay check, I am going to have fun with this.

We all know the types of people most of us interacted with in college – the overachievers, the party people, the book worms, etc. So it makes you wonder what becomes of these people when they graduate. Upon my visit to my Alma Mater, Drake, it was nice to see some people had changed; it was nice to see some people hadn’t and then of course you were hoping for the best for others.

Have you been back at your Alma Mater? What types of people did you go to school with?

Labels might be for cans of tuna but sometimes the shoe just fits. So here is my take on a few of the types of people we all graduate with:

1. The Overachiever

I start with this one because I like to think of myself as an overachiever. Even through what has been a less than perfect post-graduation year (putting it mildly), I think I’m still doing some pretty cool things in my career and otherwise. My experience has been so different and for that, I am grateful. There are of course the super-deluxe overachievers who work a day job, a side hustle, are en route to ending world hunger and still have time to cook dinner each night and fundraise for the animal shelter during their “free time.” Overachievers get about as much sleep that they got in college, a.k.a., none.

2. The Party Animal

When you graduate college, there is a certain responsibility that you have: to act just a tad more mature when you go out. Not these folks, these guys and girls have the same level of “tolerance” they did in college. I’m not really sure how they do it but they do. Well, I take that back. I know exactly how they do it. Many of them substituted work for school but their 9PM -3AM activities did not change at all.

3. The Daddy’s Money folks

Let me start by saying I’m not hating. Really, I’m not. I mean you’ve likely never had to worry about money your entire life and you probably never will. That’s not a bad thing.  You had the best car, best couch, best No.2 pencil and you continue to have the best of everything.  Not a bad thing either. Then there’s the fact that you probably have a great job that you may or may not have worked hard for but somehow daddy and mommy still pay your rent, your bills, take you on shopping sprees….you get the point. Now I’m hating.

4. The Wannabes

These are my favorite group. They are also the group with a large amount of people in them. They’ve been trying to impress everyone with money they really don’t have, or fictitious intelligence or incredibly awesome life experiences that somehow always seem so much greater than the rest of ours. They did it in college and they’re doing it in the real world. They make it seem like their post grad experience has been nothing but a walk in the park and they are living the dream. Yeah, some of us know better.

Okay, there are a ton of  types of people that I could include in this list but I think I’ll stop here before things get too serious. It’s all in good fun.  Still maintaining this good fun, what “types” of people would you have on here ?

And are there are any groups of somebodies that you used to know?

Happy Thursday!

Kovie Biakolo

Kovie Biakolo is a Drake University Marketing Graduate. Originally thinking she was headed to law school in Chicago or a year in Spain, Kovie found herself in the Windy City in digital writing and marketing for over a year. Currently, Kovie is in graduate school for Multicultural and Organizational Communication and started a blog, Life At Twenty Something to write about the good, the bad and the ugly of the twenty something life.

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