How to Stay Positive No Matter What’s Going On

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We live in challenging times, especially now during the coronavirus pandemic; nevertheless, there are ways to focus on the positive things in life. These powerhouse female authors will help you do just that by shedding light during these dark times. As the old saying goes, “always look on the bright side of life.”   Stay positive with these inspired ideas.

Becca Anderson, author of Badass Affirmations:

“Instead of focusing on the negative, I think about what I can do for others. Whenever I’m down, I get out of my own head and open my heart to others & I immediately feel better.”
More about Badass Affirmations:

If you affirm yourself every day, you can rule the world. More importantly, you can live a life filled with love, joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction thanks to your own positive self-regard. Badass Affirmations is the ultimate motivating, encouraging, and uplifting book to enjoy and share. Create your own ideal life and build your self-esteem with these positive daily affirmations. These very wise words have the power to touch our hearts, build confidence, make us laugh, and alleviate our stress―all while realizing the vast potential life has to offer. Becca Anderson, bestselling author of The Book of Awesome Women, serves up a memorable and inspirational banquet of positive self-affirmations, delicious bon mots, quips, and unforgettable quotes from movie stars, musicians, politicians, and women writers. Everyone from Malala to Madonna to Michelle Obama weighs in on the meaning of life with badass wit and timeless wisdom.

Kate Allan, author of You Can Do All Things:

“We’ll all get through this together. You’re not alone. And you’re strong. I’m grateful you’re here. “
More about You Can Do All Things:

When you have anxiety or depression, you can feel deeply alone. You can feel like you’re the only person on the planet who’s struggling with weird worries (which won’t go away), who can’t go grocery shopping without getting sweaty and panicked, who fears everything. When we feel this way, one of the greatest gifts we can receive is knowing that there’s someone out there walking a similar path, someone who understands the sorrow, the struggles, the symptoms, the hardships.  Someone we can relate to, someone who shares their story, with vulnerability and without filters.

With You Can Do All Things, Kate Allan has given us such a gift. In You Can Do All Things, Kate shares her struggles with anxiety and depression, which started when she was just a child. Through her honest words, uplifting illustrations, and actionable suggestions, Kate also encourages us to keep trying and to keep going.

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Ronnie Walter, author of Gratitude With Attitude:

“I believe in taking a moment each day to reflect on what we are grateful for, a moment to celebrate even the small things in our journeys.”

More about Gratitude with Attitude:

Whether it comes at the start of our day or the end, making time to think about what we’re grateful for is beneficial in many ways. Practicing an attitude of gratitude strengthens our spirit and quiets our mind, even if just for a moment. It provides the peace and zen we long for and need in the midst of busy days and packed schedules. Find inspiration through writing prompts and quotes in this gratitude journal by bestselling author Ronnie Walter.

The creator of The Coloring Café®, a coloring series dedicated to stress relief and fun, Ronnie brings over twenty years of successful illustrating and writing to this daily journal dedicated to personal growth and happiness. By using this 5-minute journal to record things we’re grateful for, spot meaningful intentions, and celebrate tiny victories, we create a space to grow in gratitude for what we have and see better who we want to be.

Greta Solomon, author of Heart, Sass & Soul:

“I realized that through writing, I could ask for things I dared not say aloud.”
More about Heart, Sass & Soul:
Writing for yourself is an incredible way to heal your heart, find happiness, and reconnect with the things that matter most. As kids, many of us had vibrant imaginations and our lives were full of creativity. Over time, that self-expression gets lost in the busy routine of everyday life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The tips, techniques, and exercises for freewriting in this book will help you tap into that creativity deep in your soul. That time in-between jobs, friends, relationships, homes, or whatever else, is the “great unknown.” Contrary to what some may tell you, this is not the time to make major, life-changing decisions.
In the midst of loss and grief, you need self-care more than ever. In fact, the best thing to do in these times is write. Journaling and freewriting can bring you a deeper level of self-awareness, allowing you to truly know who you are. Heart, Sass & Soul will show you how to develop a writing practice that nurtures inner strength and promotes a rich, fulfilled life.

Melisa Caprio, author of Postcards to the Universe:

“I believe that we can inspire others through collaboration and co-creation.”
More about Postcards to the Universe

We have the ability to be in open communication with the Universe, the loving energy behind all creation. But do we listen to what the Universe has to say? Do we use our own voices to speak back? Artist-photographer, popular radio host, and blogger Melisa Caprio helps us enter into deep conversation with the Universe through combining creative visualization with the power of intention.

Too often we are so caught up in daily life that we don’t stop and ask ourselves what we truly desire. While it is tempting to stay in our comfort zone, our heart longs for more than just the mundane. It desires manifestation. Each of us possesses the power to bend the ear of the Universe and share what it is we want most. Caprio is here to foster that state of mindfulness and spirituality through photography, postcard art, written messages, and affirmations from others who are living their greatest desires.


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