How to Transition from Freelancing to Running Your Own Agency


There are tremendous advantages to offering your services as a freelancer. You get to have freedom over your time, and it can also be very rewarding.

However, you will sometimes find yourself wanting the security and stability of a regular day job. You may feel that you have to abandon freelance work for it to happen.

The truth is that you can still have control over your time and work without being a freelancer. The best way to do so is to run your own agency.

There will be many adjustments to make, to transition from freelancing to opening your agency. The following tips should help you do so:

Identify What You Want

The first step to starting your freelance agency is to know what you want. There will be many questions to ask to find out what you want.

What industry would you like to start offering your services? How will you structure your business? How many people do you need to run an agency?

By asking yourself what you want when beginning your agency, you will develop your company’s mission and vision. They are the building blocks of a successful company, and they will pull you through any challenge your company will encounter.

Identify Your Strengths

Starting a freelance agency should follow a successful career freelancing as an individual, no matter how long. By that time, you should know your strengths and weaknesses, which is crucial before starting a business. You can then use your strengths to power your business and use them to your advantage.

Marketing might be one of your strengths, and you will need various tools to help you. Media planning tools are an excellent example in this regard.

On this page, you will find analyses of the best media planning tools in the business. You can use your forte to leverage your agency to be in the best position possible.

Delve into Your Weaknesses

Just as important as knowing your strengths is knowing your weaknesses. Be honest and take brutal account of your shortcomings, especially as they pertain to running an agency.

Fixing your flaws will give you something to work on and things to avoid which can damage your agency. Weaknesses are not to be ignored as they might cause the downfall of your business.

Find a Mentor

For everything you are trying to do, there is someone who has probably done it before you. Look for other freelancers who have opened successful agencies and get their help. Having someone show you the way will be of tremendous help.

They will help you avoid the pitfalls that could ruin your business. You can also learn about what works when running an agency from a mentor.

Learn to take criticism to improve yourself and your business. Soon, you will be running a successful agency.

Develop a Plan

Another thing that a mentor could help you with is developing a plan to run your agency successfully. Many people have implemented successful strategies for running an agency.

You can adopt them for your business, tailor them to suit your specific needs, or come up with one entirely from scratch. Do whatever works for you.

Create a Team and Starting Building It

The main difference between being a freelancer and opening an agency is that you work alone in the former while the latter includes other people.

Therefore, you should start hiring people for your agency and give them adequate training. It takes time to put together a team, so the earlier you start, the better it is for the agency.

Start Small and Go Big

You should never rush business growth, and patience is something many entrepreneurs lack. It would be best if you let your agency start small and slowly build it up. You will soon find that your business will grow and can become bigger than you ever imagined.


Being a freelancer is terrific, but growth is sometimes better. Starting a freelance agency is an excellent idea if you want to grow, but it has its pros and cons. The tips above should help you transition to and run a successful agency in a short time.  

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