An Unlikely Vacation – How Web Design Led me to Wolverhampton

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What does web design have to do with traveling? It is a funny story really. How I found Wolverhampton was an interesting story in and of itself.  I was browsing web design companies, and a web design company based out of Wolverhampton came up in my search.  The pictures and videos they shared on the various sites they had created for the local sites they host drew me to Wolverhampton, and I must say- if you are looking for web design, check out web design in Wolverhampton.

I love to travel, it’s in my blood.  You see however, I am not a typical traveler.  All inclusive pre-planned mixed tour-guide trips are not my idea of a vacation.  No, what I like to experience is the roots of my destination.  This is what brought me to one of the most charming cities in the UK, Wolverhampton. Wolverhampton is full of culture, architecture, art, and the most warm-hearted people you will ever meet.

I started browsing sites for things to explore while I was there.  Of course the normal sites like Trip Advisor are always included in my search, which gave me great reviews of the local art scene.  However, I wanted more.  This led me to the local City Council Website, they had many cross-links with lists of local bed and breakfasts, pubs, art galleries, and museums.

I also found Wolverhampton Arts & Culture. The highlight of their website is the Wolverhampton Art Gallery. The gallery hosts a vast array of collections; Decorative Art, Family History, Fine Art, Local History, and World Collections just to name a few.  While I am a huge art enthusiast I must say I am very excited to also visit the Gallery Cafe, which is on the top floor of the gallery and features a full cafe style menu.

Another site I found is National Trust, this is the site for Wightwick Mannor and Gardens.  Another restored homes and garden from the Victorian era, this location also has shops, and art gallery, and a restaurant.  It is perfect for an all day excursion.

Web design in Wolverhampton

As you can see, when I plan a vacation I put aside the typical pre-planned cookie cutter ideals.  I search for my perfect piece of the pie.  I find what locations I want to visit.  Finding local websites is key to booking your perfect vacations.  Looking up city websites, and finding local attractions that appeal to you will help you custom build your perfect vacation and leave the cookie cutter tour guided vacations in the past!