How You Can Boost Sales Performance with the Right Software

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No matter which industry your business is in, the key to its success is how much you can sell. But there are a number of challenges that sales teams face, especially if your business is small and short on resources.  Without the right tools, sales teams are often hindered by having to manually enter in contact and lead data into spreadsheets or manually dialing phone numbers, which is time-consuming and prone to error. The downtime between calls means that there could be a lead out there that’s potentially slipping through your fingers.

If a lead fills out a form on your website, how fast are your sales reps able to follow up with them? Research shows that most companies take 46 hours plus to respond to a new lead, and when a rep does finally call, they only make 1.3 attempts before giving up.

These numbers are pretty dismal, considering that your lead will most likely lose interest and find another company to buy from during that time. It’s also well known that you need to be more persistent with a lead before deciding to give up on them. Follow-up is key when trying to close a sale.

How a Sales Engagement Platform Can Help

VanillaSoft’s sales engagement platform is a great example of a business software solution that is designed to give inside sales teams the tools they need to boost their performance and productivity in order to close more sales. If your team is letting leads slip through the cracks, then this queue-based lead routing software is the solution you need.

With it, you can create customized workflows and automate the sales process so that leads are constantly funneled through the sales cycle. The routing system automatically presents the next best lead to an available rep and prioritizes the ones that have filled out web forms to the top of the queue.

The system also ensures sales cadence by automatically scheduling follow-ups, adding appointments to calendars, and sending out reminder emails. With this technology, no one ever slips through the cracks or gets forgotten about – it also encourages your reps to be more persistent.

Auto-dialing reduces the downtime in between calls and also ensures that the right number is entered each time. The reps are presented with the contact’s details automatically on-screen as they make the call, meaning they don’t have to waste time finding contact info.

Using lead tracking software, you can monitor your team’s performance and evaluate call activity metrics. It provides you with real-time sales insights on an easy-to-read dashboard, and you can even pull custom reports instantly to analyze the data and make important revenue-generating decisions.

With data querying, you can easily filter and segment data using any field for targeted sales and marketing campaigns. Gone are the days of filtering and sorting through messy spreadsheets that are prone to errors and inaccurate data – with this software, you can easily pull up reports with the touch of a button.

Empower Your Sales Team

If you want to take your business to the next level, then invest in sales engagement software to boost the performance of your sales team.

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