Improve the Staff Selection Process with Virtual Interviews

What kind of technology is your talent recruitment strategy based on? If you still rely on traditional, old-school job interviews, you are missing on an amazing opportunity to find highly-skilled professionals that will contribute a lot to company growth.

Virtual job interviews and recruitment tools are becoming more and more popular. Even virtual job fairs have started occurring frequently, taking talent acquisition to a whole new level.  According to 2010 statistics, only 10 percent of companies relied on virtual interviews (yet almost 42 percent of the senior executive interviews were carried out this way). An Office Team survey conducted two years later showed that six in 10 companies rely on virtual interviews quite often.

Using opportunities like video interviews on Blue Jeans can significantly improve staff selection and talent management. Embracing new technologies and communication opportunities right now can help you reach a wider selection of candidates, thus providing a cost-efficient solution for both startups and large corporations.

Main Benefits of Embracing Virtual Recruitment Technology

It’s easy to come up with a vast range of benefits connected to the use of virtual recruitment technology.

For a start, virtual interviews are incredibly time-saving. In the past, human resources professionals had to align schedules creatively so that all of the candidates were given enough time. Now, candidates can easily be interviewed from a laptop or even a mobile device while the human resources professional or supervisor is on the go.

Significant expansion of the talent pool is another great advantage and probably the most important one. The competitiveness of businesses today is heavily dependent on the selection of the right professionals for the key positions. Businesses are facing more and more competition from both newcomers in the niche and players that have a long-established reputation. Working with the best professionals will often be essential for staying afloat and achieving good market placement.

Virtual interviews will also improve the candidate’s experience. The convenience and “natural” appeal of virtual videos can take some of the anxiety out of the equation and result in much better performance. People can apply for jobs in different cities, states, or even countries without having to pay for costly travel.

Making the Most of Video Interview Opportunities

Understanding the specifics of the virtual recruitment process will be essential for making the most of this opportunity. For a start, you need the right software for the purpose. Choosing a product like video interviews on Blue Jeans will help you recruit professionals in a cost-efficient way, carry out workshops, and improve the qualification of workers without having to plan costly seminars and events.

Use video interviews for highly competitive positions in order to give your company access to the global talent pool. According to a Forbes report, making use of video interviews makes sense for top positions that require a lot of experience and talent. The number of professionals having a particular set of skills in your city will be limited. This is why the salaries of such professionals will often be excessively high. Such hiring decisions will not make sense for startups and small businesses. Instead, tapping into the global talent pool will provide much better results without costing as much. Think strategically and know when it makes sense to rely on the virtual hiring process.

Video conferencing should be used continuously rather than just as a plain and simple recruitment tool. Establishing a highly efficient remote team is all about communication. Rely on new technology to make these individuals feel a part of the team. Communicate your expectations in advance and rely on the technology to get feedback from your employees.

A Few Additional Tips

The virtual recruitment process gives you access to essential information that should be used for the selection of the right professionals. Body language, eloquence, confidence level, and communication skills should all be taken in consideration. This is why you need high quality software. Otherwise, you risk missing on the subtle signs that will help for the selection of one professional or another. Video interviews on Blue Jeans are such a great possibility because of the quality and the communication tools you have available while talking to potential staff members.

A change in corporate culture will also be needed to make the most of virtual or remote workers. Many business structures are still excessively reliant on traditional talent management, which sets limitations to corporate expansion and identification of the best talents for the job. The number of people working remotely is growing all the time, and the trend will become even more prominent in the future. Jumping on the bandwagon right now will give you competitive advantage and the opportunity to build a strong, modern team before other businesses start embracing such possibilities.

The prominence of virtual recruitment will continue growing in the years to come. Many HR professionals are still reluctant about the new possibilities, but the benefits are undoubted. Online tools are cost-efficient, and they lift numerous limitations that smaller and medium-sized companies had to deal with in the past. A simple upgrade of the recruitment process will deliver multiple advantages, which is why making the switch right now will certainly pay off.