Invest Smarter: 5 Resources for Independent (And Independent-Minded) Investors


In investing, knowledge is power. There’s no such thing as “complete information,” but you can bet that the world’s most successful investment gurus have more information at their disposal than the average investor.

It’s not an unfair advantage. It’s just common sense.

Not all financial information is created equal. Nor is all financial information equally valuable in every situation. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as they say. For independent investors, the best strategy is simply to glean as much information as possible from as many sources as possible.

Sounds easy enough — so here are five resources to get started.


CNBC is something of a chameleon. If you prefer business news with your coffee, you’re probably a Squawk Box fan. If you like your competition fierce, you might tune in for syndicated “Shark Tank” episodes. And if you run with the crowd, maybe you even tolerate Cramer from time to time.

Or maybe you’re not much of a TV person at all. In that case, and the CNBC app are right up your alley. Use them to source breaking news, company alerts, well-researched trend pieces, real-time quotes, and a slew of powerful analytic tools that, in some cases, go above and beyond what’s available in budget-friendly online brokerages.


On the surface, Bloomberg and CNBC both have a lot in common. They’re rife with breaking news, boast powerful analytic tools, and have archived company information up the wazoo.

But there’s plenty to set the two apart. If you’re serious about playing the market, and maybe even want to make a full-time go of it, Bloomberg’s professional tools (such as Bloomberg Terminal) are must-haves. Bloomberg is also a great source for financial spins on general-interest news — for instance, just how much Kanye stands to lose with the abrupt cancellation of his Saint Pablo tour.

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Independent Apps

Not every investment firm runs commercials. Countless independent investment houses take innovative, contrarian approaches to the market — and many have impressive track records proving they’re onto something.

Many independent investment firms have user-friendly apps that dispense investing advice, market news, company data and more. Some are more comprehensive than others — the Fisher Investments app on iTunes, for instance, blends daily news and commentary with real-time social media engagement and insightful video content from a rotating cast of investing experts. When you have a moment, head over to the app store of your choice and evaluate the best independent finance apps for yourself.

The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool has been serving up offbeat investing insight since the 1990s. Long before the days of Facebook and Twitter, the Motley Fool was a come-as-you-are social community where the only currency that mattered (besides dollars and cents, of course) was old-fashioned market insight. Though it’s a bit more buttoned up today, it’s no less indispensable. And, if you’re interested in overseas markets, there’s probably a Fool branch in your neck of the woods.

Yahoo Finance

As a whole, Yahoo isn’t doing so hot these days. But its finance arm is still going strong. For nearly two decades now, Yahoo Finance has served as a clearinghouse for real-time market data and company information. It’s one of the most comprehensive U.S.-based resources for publicly available financial data — a true one-stop shop for independent investors who can’t afford professional-grade data. The mobile app is pretty good too. So don’t believe the haters — bookmark Yahoo Finance’s website, download the app, and bask in the warm glow of information.

What’s your favorite place to get financial data and news?


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