Looking for Art Careers? Forget NYC- Try Buffalo

For Art Careers, Go North

If you’re looking at art careers, you should head for the city in New York – but not the one you’re thinking of. Artists are flocking to the hot new art scene, springing up overnight in a place that might not be on your radar- Buffalo, NY. On a recent trip, I took a look at what’s making this town such a hot destination for artists this minute, what the city is doing to help new up-and-comers with their art careers, and how you can take advantage before the word gets out.

What’s Your Hustle?

Let’s say the cubicle life just isn’t for you. Maybe all of your friends have been telling you you should start selling those cute knitted hats that you make on the side, maybe you’ve hit the flea market circuit with your handmade jewelry on the weekends, maybe you want to open up shop with a full-time pottery studio. If you’re serious about art careers, or even if you’re just looking for a side hustle, you know that the rural life is not going to cut it. Emerging artists need exposure, opportunities for networking and collaboration, a market, and an audience. That means the city.

If art careers are beckoning you, you might want to consider a look up north. Buffalo, who knew?



Nicole P.

Nicole Pieri graduated with a B.A. in English from The College of New Jersey in 2011, and has since decided that jeggings aren’t as cool as she originally thought and that writing for a living online is way better than being a starving artist. Relocating from a cow town in Northern New Jersey to the big city of Philadelphia has brought her some great opportunities and changed her attitude from “always look both ways!” to “I’m probably faster than that bus.” In her spare time she enjoys crocheting and speaking in the third person so that it looks as if she’s important enough for someone else to have written a bio about her.

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