#Sidehustle : It’s the New Normal

side hustle

Ever feel like no matter how fast you run, you just can’t get closer to your dreams?  Take the wakeup call and start moving to create some better results and a brighter future.  Side hustle is just the modern day iteration of what’s been called moonlighting and second jobs in the past.  The concept isn’t new, but when you understand the meaning of “side hustle,” you’ll have a new motivation to create your own.

This Isn’t Your Father’s Side Hustle

Making extra cash on the side was historically more commonly associated with NEED.  As in, to make ends meet.  Millennials have put a new twist on that, and side hustle is the perfect way to describe it.  There’s a new motivation beyond the present moment that connects with personal aspirations and passions. Now, the side hustle is all about doing what interests you or what clearly supports your vision of your future, not just making a buck.

Side Hustle Inspiration

Once you see that the side hustle is all about YOUR dreams, and have a clear idea of how your interests and passions fit, the next step is to start focusing in on how to create it.  Author Patrick McGinnis lays out a detailed blueprint in The 10% Entrepreneur.  The 10% refers to the amount of your time and resources that he suggests you commit to your side hustle.  The book is a must-read if you are serious about making a real impact on your future.  And, FYI, Ms Career Girl isn’t being paid to promote the book, and the link doesn’t lead to an Amazon page.   Read it.

You can get a head start, though, by looking at some recent articles that offer good advice.   Here’s a few:

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Landon Dowdy:  The Millennial Hustle

Ben Noble:  4 Ways to Make Time For Your Side Hustle Without Completely Losing Your Mind

Get Hustling on Your Side Hustle

You’ll find those five to be great primers.  Then, take a deep breath and get ready to really dive in to the nuts and bolts in The 10% Entrepreneur, which is due to be released in mid-April.  While you’re waiting, watch for an upcoming MsCareerGirl article on an exclusive interview with the author, Patrick McGinnis, and some very interesting insights.

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