Making a Difference Through Being Active

How do you make a difference in yourself and in others?

Fitness is a good place to start. Using sport improves your health, self-confidence, and promotes teamwork – all of which are very important to all of us Career Girls. That’s why UK’s Sport Relief is an effort that’s worth taking part in.

Sports relief takes place at the end of March, with many celebrities and members of the public alike taking part in various sport based fundraising to make a difference and raise money for charity. This is just one example of the ways in which being active through sport can make a difference to society, what follows are a number of ways are a number of ways you can use sport to keep active and make a difference.

Lead By Example

The impact of taking part in sport is not just as simple as raising money or helping out through volunteering however. By regularly taking part in sports, you will be an example for those around you: work colleges who otherwise might not have exercised might be more willing to go for a run if they knew they had someone to run with. Additionally if you are a parent, a child who sees their mother or father regularly exercising may be inclined to do the same and you can be a positive role model in this regard. By taking part in sport and keeping active you can have a great impact in encouraging those around you to do the same, aiding in a fitter and healthier social community. Find out more about activity based volunteering.

Wherever in the world you are, I encourage you to tie back your hair and get moving for a good cause! 

Ms. Career Girl

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